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🐞 Lucian Marin My Jekyll blog (lucianmarin.com/ar...) has now comments powered by Sublevel API. The code is available on GitHub (github.com/lucianm...). It uses a JSON plugin so there's no need to worry about API rate limit. All you have to do is to add the ID of your entry from Sublevel to each post header.
D2 Nice man. Is it possible to use it on wp?
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John Olinda Windows 8.1 has come a long way from the first release of Windows 8.0. Very impressed.
D2 Windows 8.1 is a beast. :)
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Martijn I think I am with . It is easy enough to use Flickr or such services for photos and link to them.
D2 well, but linking images could also be used for advertisement. I think a lot of people (specially mainstream users) won't ever switch to sublevel if there is no photos / photoalbum support. I know, sublevel doesn't want to be the ordinary network, but just having features for writing text won't be enough for a lot of users.
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Alson Kaw What's wrong with Source Code Pro?
D2 its just about opinion, but inconsolata is pretty smooth, even on windows.
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John Olinda Every time I open FDE I wonder why those colors aren't the default. I mean, I *know* why they aren't. I just wish they were.
D2 yep right! also I wonder why they don't use those slim bars everywhere... I hate the clumsy look of the standard firefox. thats why I use chrome (don't mention the flash bugs in firefox :P)
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John Olinda Just tell me what to do and save me from this existential nightmare!!!
D2 first step: burn down house :P
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D2 You have a good point there, mate.
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D2 To be honest, with Firefox Developer Edition, Firefox got a lot less worse!
John Olinda Every time I open FDE I wonder why those colors aren't the default. I mean, I *know* why they aren't. I just wish they were.
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John Olinda So what am I missing with the subway WiFi?
D2 3 World Wars and Jesus's Resurrect :P
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D2 Cocaine.
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John Olinda So basically Gmail for Android got way more awesome just in time for Inbox to completely explode our minds.
D2 First world problems: We don't know which mail client we should use.
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🚌 Carl Just created an account. Hi.
D2 Whats up?
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Emoli So after using both sublevel and ello, I find sublevel so much better.
D2 true... I just got invited to ello and I'm so bored over there. BUT we could use an image upload on sublevel anyway.
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🐞 Lucian Marin What happened to Tumblr interface? It seems that Yahoo doesn't get design.
D2 thats why yahoo got dropped to the bottom of the webservices around 2004 :P
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🐞 Lucian Marin Input (input.fontbureau.com) is a font designed for code by Font Bureau.
D2 looks nice, but I prefer inconsolata (levien.com/type/my...)
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💬 Subreply Sublevel is feature complete. But feedback is always welcomed.
D2 okay.. I just realized there is no way to like a post without opening the post per "reply", right?
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