Eat not to live.
Mark Dain I tried out the new MacBook at the Apple store, it's a bit disappointing to be honest. Yes it's super light and thin but the keyboard is a bit disappointing -- it's so thin the typing is less comfortable than the MacBook Air
Dongsung Kim Totally. I'm guessing it's just physically impossible to maintain good keyboard feeling while making it as thin as possible. In the end, nothing beats the joy of a mechanical keyboard.
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Eric White-space sensitivity is terrible, brackets & braces every time.
Dongsung Kim ^ This. I experienced some bad examples of indentations, which ultimately made me hate Python.
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John Olinda No, I got overconfident learning the alphabet so fast and then couldn't believe how much more complicated the grammar was. But I passed the first course, so I start Level Two next week
Dongsung Kim Well, good to hear you're progressing! I do believe Korean grammar (in the current form) is one of the most difficult language to learn, even being a native speaker doesn't help there! :D
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Mark Dain Yeah I was thinking the same thing! I wonder if Microsoft will buy GitHub. I looked into running GitLab on my server but it's quite difficult to get it to install correctly (I never got an admin account when it would install)
Dongsung Kim Somehow it's incredibly plausible to think Microsoft buying GitHub. I wonder how the community would react. Haven't tried GitLab, but heard from many people it's not really easy to set up.
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Dongsung Kim Microsoft has tried to kill User-Agent since Windows Phone 8 Update 1 to the new Microsoft Edge, but it seems the other side of Microsoft completely disagrees. Related:
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Martijn I also just realised that YouTube supports captions on native HTML video elements (e.g. in Reeder). Really good job there people!
Dongsung Kim They even add subtitle tracks in video files for mobile devices. Pretty cool touch. Except some subtitles might or might not work depending or not depending on devices or browsers or apps... :(
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Eric This site provides sad laughter. (I'm not the Eric who created the site btw)
Dongsung Kim A similar but lengthy one:
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🏒 Lucian Marin I have the Odin's Rage ( electronic watch which I find it smarter than a smartwatch. The sad part is that it got some bad scratches since it's covered with mineral glass.
Dongsung Kim Now that's one cool looking watch!
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Mark Dain Did they get paid for this? The timing is too good
Dongsung Kim This actually reminds me of
John Olinda Sometimes as a teacher it is tempting to see what you could get away with
Dongsung Kim Ha, that was funny.
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Adam Douglas Makes me wish there was a good tiling window manager for OSX. It'd be my daily driver then.
Dongsung Kim Although Spectacle looks incredibly great (and free!) I started using Divvy and now I'm stuck with it forever.
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Mark Dain I'm considering reinstalling this weekend, but hardware diagnostics is a good idea, I'll run a few now. Most people seem to think it's a hardware issue but I have a strong suspicion it's software, specifically 10.10.3, it's when all the issues started
Dongsung Kim That sounds troublesome. Hope things would work out!
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🏒 Lucian Marin Because I deleted the original and replaced it with a new one.
Dongsung Kim Of course. Thanks for the link.
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🏒 Lucian Marin Microsoft just announced Visual Studio Code for Windows, OS X and Linux at Build.
Dongsung Kim I hope I could just separate IntelliSense from VS Code and use it on Sublime... Only if that's simple as it sounds.
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Eric Sorry Lucian, but this read like something straight from Jaden Smith's Twitter feed.
Dongsung Kim Or maybe Lucian IS Jaden...!
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🏒 Lucian Marin Happy birthday, ! I guess you deserve a fresh new look.
Dongsung Kim It's funny to see a commenter didn't get the joke (or fact).
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