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It was funny to see the BBC try to soften Attenborough's message yesterday. For instance, they changed his message (I'm also paraphrasing): "extinction is on the horizon" to "climate change /could/ be the most serious problem ahead of us" -- there's just no point in trying if you're relying on mainstream press to broadcast what you're saying. It was already kind of daft to address the UN anyway, what will that accomplish?
Finally replaced my iPhone 5s. It was a tough decision, but I went for the iPhone 7. It's not too much bigger, very tactile in jet black, and the 128GB storage is much more comfortable for music compared to the 16GB I had before. iPhone 7 was a good price and I don't need extra weight for wireless charging.
I'm starting to like Android a lot more with all its faults. I might go back to a mini iPhone with USB-C.
This terrorist attack is extraordinarily well-timed for the Conservatives, who were on the brink of meltdown hours before the attack took place. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but there's a real stink surrounding this whole election. There's no one to vote for. Liberal Democrats? Besides a reasonable tax increase (penny on the pound) I don't see them differing all that much from the incumbents. Labour wants to nationalise everything... big mistake. Sod it all. It's all nonsen
So I didn't believe this last time it happened either -- but wasn't there a 'terrorist attack' recently during the middle of some Brexit talks? Fool me once...
Please don't trivialise deaths of innocents. The threat of terror is very real. Conspiracies are fun but often inappropriate. facepalm.png
is that.. real? i mean could they actually do that? britains going to end up like china. i wonder if i could move to netherlands with my aunt...
5:04am. The perfect time to write a polyfill for the preload resource hint. Why not...
I hate money. I also hate people who say "there are more important things in life" -- I've yet to hear this from a person struggling financially. I've met homeless bums who say this, but there was an irony in their inflection and gaze that made it quite clear that money is of paramount importance. Typically it's some rich arsehole who says that money is not so important because they have to think about it.
I think people mean there's more important pursuits than just trying to get richer. Money is a tool that can accomplish a lot which is why people like it. I wish I were crazy rich I'd pour millions into Linux+Mozilla and I'd also start an ISP that does end-to-end encryption. But here the goal is securing the right to privacy rather than trying to make money from the ISP -- heck I'd probably run it at a loss if I had money to throw away just so I can get more people on board.
Big protest against Trump in Leeds today. Made it quite difficult to return to my home from the city. I wish these unemployed lefties would confine their childish rambling sessions to weekends. All of these peaceful protests achieve nothing but disruption to pragmatists. I don't understand why a 90 day hiatus to travel has provoked this kind of reaction, but sexually abusing women, torturing/kidnapping people and poor economic policy are all okay. Was the left so arrogant? Or
Because of their feelings. No one said anything when Obama did the same thing.
Today everyone is affected by politics. There're no more intermediary layers because of social media and direct access to information.
Well, I hope all the people that have voted for Clinton (I assume those protesters mainly have) are not as emotive as the once mainstream medias are delightfully showing on their "news"... Because if it is, good luck trying to have a constructive debate, it is nearly impossible like that. I'm maybe naive to think there isn't as much division between the American people but those who are protesting are giving a very poor image of themselves, not because they are protesting but
My 10K Apart entry is up. I would rather have invested some time in making some crazy webgl thing but I didn't have such time, so I had to throw in 'something I made earlier'.
Sublevel would make a great contender for 10K apart if the images were lazyloaded.
Lazyloading requires JS or some naughty CSS "hacks", these go against the ideals of it (right?). Personally, Lazyloading is often buggy for me, images failing to load on-time yadadada
One day to the Brexit vote. The level of spin and indoctrination in both stay and leave has been utterly crazy. I fear for the UK, regardless of how the senseless public will vote. Democracy is a bad joke.
Isn't democracy just mob rule to an extent? Still, I'm not sure a better system exists. It seems some leave voters are doing it because they don't like immigration but this isn't a referendum on immigration so I suspect they won't be happy even if they get their way. So we could be worse off financially and still have a pissed off racist minority.
Android apps coming to ChromeOS, hooray! I knew it would come eventually. chrome.googleblog....
I am also hearing things about a more "premium" hardware version of the Chromebook? If that comes true ChromeOS might actually have a chance.
Interesting, I wonder how it runs Android apps. As far as I know, most (all? none?) are compiled just for ARM. Does Chrome OS emulate Android on ARM? I can't imagine that'll be remotely fast (which perhaps explains why it can't run on some chrome books)
Anybody tune into tonight? It was pretty cool to see Ukraine snatch the crown out of Russia's teeth.
I watch every year. One week per year I go 100% gay stereotype, filling my Facebook feed with comments about dresses and choreography. I never expected Ukraine to win though.
Finally getting my Mondo card. Let's see what the fuss is about.
So good to be working with Perl again. There's something wrong with me. The terser the code, the nicer I find it to work with...
Same is true for me when I'm working with JavaScript. I always try to find the most compact representation. By the way, it seems I write the best code when I'm bored.
Do people really use iPhones to shoot 4K videos?
How much is a good 4K camera compared to a phone? Considering said phone also does storage, texting, Internet, games and a ton of other things. I remember people buying PS3s because they were the best BluRay players on the market as they also did games and a ton of other things
I wouldn't archive 4K videos, but I would definitely share 4K videos instead of 1080p or 720p on YouTube or Vimeo. 4K capability can also be great for different scientific apps.
Monitoring this, its the camera which is making me consider moving to the iPhone side once my current contract expires in the fall.
Surprisingly difficult to find perfect renditions of classical music pieces. There's nearly always some imperfect element that throws the performance or recording off. Either the acoustics are too claustrophobic, there's some crap player in the second row or hell knows what else. Tempo is a problem too, it seems like orchestras are playing pieces too quickly or slowly for the sake of having an edgy/"original" bragging right. This same desire for originality applies to all of
Could you provide some examples?
I'm still educating myself in this department. So far, acoustics of most orchestral recordings are horrible.