Loves Tech and Art. I blog tech stuff when I'm not working. ~ 28.1 years old in Philippines
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I remembered this site again! Wow it changed again. So much has changed -- I now have my own tech portal and it's been doing well!
I like how people come back here after years and start fresh.
Whoa remembered I had this account. It's been..years? hehe
What I can say? You have a good memory. :)
HAHAHAHAHAHA so NetFlix launched in my country but we don't have 93% of the US Content. This sucks
Same here. I made a NetFlix account two days ago. I canceled it a few hours later. I already watched all the movies they offered (like 20 Sci-Fi movies). It seems they have to buy viewing rights for each country separately.
Weird that sublevel doesnt work well on Opera Mini's extreme data savings mode. Hmmm
What new products will we see off this year's CES?
Whoa, so many things happened in between the time I'm not around here. Happy new year, everyone! (Yeah, missed this community)
Thanks for stopping by. Happy new year!
Logging in again. Hello, world. :D
Last day of our year-end meeting, strategy planning, and Christmas party south of the capital.
Don't you hate it when it actually rains all of a sudden and you're all neat and prepped up for an event at a really posh place, only to be drenched under the pouring rainfall? Sigh.
Can you name a few mobile apps that you find really useful?
I'll name a few minimalistic apps the I like the most: Yomu, Camu, Hyperlapse, Simplenote, IFTTT, Google Hangouts and Yahoo News Digest.
TeamViewer and Word Lens
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