Software developer from Melbourne, Australia.
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Anybody like tofu? My mother recently asked me what I enjoyed about it, and I kind of struggled with the answer. I think the taste is quite cardboardy, and yet I eat it with pleasure (when prepared well). Maybe it's just a unobtrusive vessel for fats and flavours.
Love it. It is really popular here in Hawai'i because of Japanese and Chinese influence. To me it is delicious and versatile in all textures from silken to extra firm.
Hacked together a Conway's Game of Life with configurable survival parameters. Few thoughts: 1. I suspect the usual parameters are the most (visually?) interesting. 2. Might prove that point wrong if I bothered to add customisable starting state. 3. Either oCanvas or the HTML canvas takes way too long to create all the rectangles -- even for this 20*20 grid. Have a lookie:
I've done a bit of experimenting with this myself. I reasoned that there are a finite number of "games" of life - you have 3 actions (grow, stay, die) and 9 possible neighbor counts, so there are 3^9 potential rules. I tried computationally searching this space for the most "interesting". Didn't have great results.
What's winter like where you live? Here in Melbourne, I find it wonderful: cool crisp air, interspersed sun and rain, the spicy smell of wood-smoke in the evening.
In the North East UK it's just wet and miserable. If we're lucky we get nice cold crisp days but usually just icy rain. Occasional snow.
I live in the south so winter just feels like fall 2.0 with very little difference
I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. Here it feels like winter is no longer winter. The words from my childhood winter songs no longer bare resemblance with reality. Gone is the snow, the snowman, snow fight, ice skating etc.
hello fellow Melbournian!
Anybody interested in computer and generative art? I made a foray recently, that I'm pretty happy with: The position of each dot is based on the current unix timestamp, meaning that people looking at this are (roughly) in sync. There's something fascinating about that to me -- viewers being in sync with no AJAX. Going to try out my single permitted hashtag:
That is so cool
thats super cool thanks for sharing!
Pretty neat!
Oh, wow, that's awesome! Please make more
Makes me want to build a clock displaying the time like your art. Pretty.
Not 4 hours after standing up a website, I learned that some US ISPs inject content into plain HTTP webpages. I guess the time to set up HTTPS is now!
If you can pack your site into a docker container, there's a super simple way to use nginx + let's encrypt to do all the work for you!