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Just woke up from a VERY vivid dream which culminated in a car crash. Spent a few minutes writing down my dream and now it's hard to go back to sleep. I keep my dream journal on my phone and using my phone seems to have awakened me. Not ideal - but if I used pen and paper I'd need a light...
Old style tape recorder? :)
Why is subreply so positive compared to Twitter which is often negative? Is it purely like and retweet counts? Number of users?
I wonder what twitter was like in the early days? Also, seems like people are not really that political here (yet), which seems to be the source of much of twitter's meanness.
my hypothesis has always been that when the mainstream begins to flood a platform, it brings negativity and a lower quality of content. what makes the world interesting? it's the one-offs, the unique perspectives and the mavericks. some may call this the eternal september -
Speaking for myself, because it's a nice change of pace and I'd like it to stay that way. A bit of positivity momentum, I guess.
Subreply doesn't give you the same adrenaline rush & doesn't reward you in the way that other social platforms do. I suppose it attracts a different kind of person.
I am really enjoying the positivity! I like how replies are respectful and polite. I am not sure of the "why", I just hope it continues.
I'm inclined to think it's because Subreply has a small community.
The Twitter hack is pretty wild. The number and profile of those affected make me think they've got deep internal access at Twitter. I wonder why they wouldn't use a separate BTC address for each Twitter account though.
The only advantage would be in then being able to determine which accounts most successfully managed to trick other users, but it would have resulted in more work (and fees) for them dealing with the money later. They already used a BECH32 address, so it seems they knew what they were doing BTC-wise and were minimising fees. Incidentally this may be both the biggest social media compromise we've seen so far, with the smallest reward (only $116k in total).
Reading the news often makes me frustrated and angry, and I really can't do anything about what the news is reporting on. Considering giving it up entirely and purposefully avoiding the news.
That's a good idea! If it helps, know that you're not the only one who has that reaction. Similarly I have to ignore certain types of news and instead only read content that I know isn't curated just to get me riled up, eg poor political reporting
Someone posted this a couple hours ago: I hate the news.
I had a similar feeling, though made a compromise that I feel works better than avoiding totally - once a week, read a wide-ranging, reliable news source, like The Economist. Even better, the paper version.
same here, I usually avoid any news as most of it is negative garbage
I can relate to that. In addition to being nearly exclusively negative, most news is garbage-quality and only cares about emotionalising and getting clicks. Here in Germany even the big newspapers with loads of history, prestige and influence have degenerated to a quality level which 20 years ago would have been associated with the tabloid press. Maybe I can muster the courage to purposefully avoid all news in the future...
I created just to keep with with the news. Facebook is good indicator of what's worthy of our attention.
I rarely look at the news these days unless if it's for something local. My life hasn't been diminished by its abscence whatsoever.
I realized that I get frustrated because the world is not working the way I think it should work. But that's not the world's problem. The world is just the world. It's a problem with my perception of how the world should work. So really I can control this frustration, because it's my problem. Re-framing it that way has helped me
For this reason and a bit more, I really want to live in a country where there is little political angst/polarization and distrust of governmental institutions. I want to live in the most politically boring, politically stable place.
Same feeling. Now i avoid tv, newspapers (paper and site). I focus on some newsletters, rss feed (you've got only the titles without advertising), podcasts (France Culture, a french public radio like NPR), journals with long read articles
Ok. But doesn't this also count as news?
What frustrated me the most is that after reading the news and looking at the world outside the window, there is an unreal feeling. Definitely want the world could be better.
yeah stop reading news and start focused reading on Readup: Social Reading
Anyone watch anything on Quibi? I subscribed after reading an article about how terrible it was because I want to help give a new thing a chance, but I've not found anything good to watch on it.
Quibi was just another startup hyped up by investor with no market knowledge
I think Jeffery Epstein probably didn't kill himself, and Ghislaine Maxwell probably won't either.
I concur. Lots of people were afraid of what info he might use. + the result of the second autopsy, paid for by his brother, revealed fractures that you don't get from hanging yourself from your bed.
I'm not completely convinced by the official story regarding WTC 7
It's total bullshit. He might even still be alive. There are very powerful people who need him to remain cooperative or be dead. Donald Trump is definitely compromised by things Epstein knows about him, and so is Bill Clinton. Prince Andrew is guilty, but he's a sleight of hand misdirection for the aforementioned duo.
Neat site! One thing I notice is that on the desktop view, the left half of my screen is basically blank. The "leftside" div just takes up a lot of space.