3w Lee
Reformed Christian. Father. Software Developer. Overwatch Enthusiast.
6w Andrew
In Melbourne, Australia
Software developer from Melbourne, Australia. Talk to me about cool programming languages!
11w Ty Tower
~ 46.8y old in Australia
Father. Gamer. Schnitzel Reviewer. Web Developer.
18w Miq
(Imposter) Software Engineer.
~ 33.2y old in Sydney
Graphic Designer + Boulderer
~ 32.8y old in Australia
21w 😳 Ruby
documentary photography, software development, media cynicism
~ 27.7y old in Brisbane
Human, most days
~ 52.8y old in Sydney
I'm rather jolly
~ 39y old in Australia
1y, 3w Jon Reid
1y, 9w 🦀 Andreas
1y, 37w John 98
Software Engineer, Sydney
~ 28y old in Australia
2y, 7w Jayden
2y, 9w ☀️ James
This one boring guy
2y, 10w John Noble
2y, 10w 🚋 Nick Vella
hobbyist programmer from melbourne, australia
nxk.io ~ 22y old in Australia
2y, 11w Troy Roennfeldt
2y, 11w 🤑 Mukul Gupta
High ticket Affiliate marketer
2y, 11w Ben Boughton
Aussie farmer and computer programmer.
~ 35y old in Australia