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Josh Sharp I like that the ellipses are now red, but I kinda wish that long posts weren't truncated in my feed. Rarely are they so long that they'd disrupt the flow, and I'd prefer a bit of visual variety in length anyway, vs clicking through to read the final three words that got cut off.
Belle Same, though I get the reasoning. I also find it annoying that each level of replies is a new page. I'd rather read all the replies in one detail view.
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🏒 Lucian Marin I sent an email to their support. Hopefully they will fix it in a future update.
Belle Thanks! It's definitely possible then? I thought it must be an Apple issue if all custom keyboards are doing that.
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Bas Poppink Possibly. The interface is arguably one of the finest around, so why bother?
Belle Because you own your content, control the experience, and can build your own audience. But I can see why people would opt for Medium instead.
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🏒 Lucian Marin That's because custom keyboards are broken. They don't send the "return" key code. Which one are you using?
Belle Yeah they definitely have work to do. They don't usually adjust so text fields aren't covered up either. I'm using TouchPal.
Bas Poppink I'm increasingly fond of the text-only look & feel of Sublevel. It's such a relief after revisiting Facebook. And people seem to be typing more instead of linking. Twitter and FB are constantly filled with second hand content.
Belle I wasn't around in the super early days of Twitter so I'm curious about whether it started off in a similar fashion, with more talking and less linking.
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Yiming This is like reading an endless comment area. I like it.
Belle That could be a bad thing but I agree it works well in this case!
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Bas Poppink Well, it's user generated content. So as with every service offering USG, the more successful it gets, the more difficult it becomes to find the gems (like YouTube, Flickr, etc). But the fact it is succeful in the first place is an indication people like to read.
Belle Or that people like to write but don't want the pressure of maintaining their own blog.
C4nn4r Unfortunately not, got a few things I need to get done today sadly. Besides, from my own experience afternoon naps tend to turn into eight hour long sleepathons for me, and before I know it, it's four o'clock the next morning, and my sleep schedule just drops apart.
Belle Ah. Yeah I've been there before. I try not to let myself nap longer than 20 minutes nowadays, but it's so tempting to just sleep and sleep...
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Sebastien Thiebaud It doesn't work for me because I use a third party keyboard I guess.
Belle Same for me. I have to switch back to the built-in keyboard just to hit return. I also find it's really slow to navigate around in Safari on my iPhone :/
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Belle Hmm... tapping return on a custom keyboard for iOS 8 doesn't submit the post to sublevel. That's a pain.
🏒 Lucian Marin That's because custom keyboards are broken. They don't send the "return" key code. Which one are you using?
C4nn4r Sleepless nights are an absolute blast! Time to go on zombie mode all day and survive on nothing but coffee, water, and the everlasting battle of keeping my eyelids open. GREAT. How are you today, Sublevelers?
Belle Oh dear :( Don't suppose you can sneak in an afternoon nap?
Belle I'm testing out reading nonfiction in physical books rather than on my Kindle. Undecided about whether I'm retaining the info better or not.
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