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Here, there, everywhere.
Dongsung Kim I seriously don't want another project on the probably-never-finish-ever lists!
C4nn4r All of my projects are on the probably-never-finish-ever list.
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🦿 Lucian Marin Let's make flying even more scarier. qz.com/287445/wind...
C4nn4r That's a really interesting concept, but I would still prefer to actually be able to look out of a window as opposed to just looking at a monitor. You want a pants shittingly terrifying concept? Glass planes.
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🉑 Vincent Leeuw I think you can ask Twitter to hand over the account then. Especially if it has been inactive for a long time.
C4nn4r You haven't been able to request username transfers since 2009 or so. The only current way to get an inactive username transferred over to you is if you have copyright over the name/word, this is how Microsoft managed to get the handle "Outlook" in 2012. There have been cases of people buying website domains like "ancarda.com" for example, and sending Twitter an email from an email address like "admin@ancarda.com" and playing the copyright card, but that doesn't work as often as it used to. Good luck either way OP.
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Esme Grey Because you can never have too many social networks!
C4nn4r You could always kill off Facebook, I'm sure I could live without that miserable turd-stain of a site existing.
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Martijn Starting my birthday with the alarm at 4:30 to catch the 6:05 bus to university for an early exam. Exactly how I dreamt to celebrate it... not.
C4nn4r Happy birthday Martijn! Best of luck on that exam.
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Josh Sharp Apparently October 22nd is Wombat Day. Here, have a wombat. i.imgur.com/QBMKvw...
C4nn4r Wombats and sloths must be some of the most chilled out animals in the world.
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Martijn Note that these are not all the phones I have ever had, I simply have no way to figure out what phones I had before. I suspect the Siemens A50 was one of them. But really, making an HTML table should not take you 35 years!
C4nn4r I may have been exaggerating /slightly/ on the 35 years time frame. I have had well over 150 mobile phones over the years, and it would take a hell of a long time to just figure out what all of them were, let alone throw them all together into a HTML table. I kinda went through a phase of collecting old Nokia's, and obscure flip-up phones at one point. Dark times.
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Martijn Made an overview of mobile phones I own(ed), then spent way too much time building a way to visually represent their change in size. Had to brush up on my geometry. licit.li/_static/p...
C4nn4r That is the perfect balance of useless and fantastic. If I had to make something like that to show an overview of every mobile phone I have ever owned it would probably take me thirty five years to finish it.
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Dongsung Kim I am indeed. But can't be as simple as your username! Awesome.
C4nn4r Thanks dude! Gotta' keep it short, sweet, and easy to remember. I'd lose my head if it wasn't screwed on.
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Dongsung Kim So far I'm loving the simplicity - from the service itself to beautiful layout, well-considered color scheme, but besides those, I've never seen any recent website this responsive and this fast! :D This makes me want to ditch all the JavaScript (but I hardly will.)
C4nn4r Simpler is often better..erer. Glad to know you are enjoying Sublevel.
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Martijn With my birthday coming up I found myself thinking about life. Then I saw Sublevel's favicon had turned square and I was distracted.
C4nn4r Still looks pretty round from where I'm sitting.
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Belle Oh dear :( Don't suppose you can sneak in an afternoon nap?
C4nn4r Unfortunately not, got a few things I need to get done today sadly. Besides, from my own experience afternoon naps tend to turn into eight hour long sleepathons for me, and before I know it, it's four o'clock the next morning, and my sleep schedule just drops apart.
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C4nn4r Hey dev, welcome to Sublevel.
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Miguel what's so different about Sublevel? I haven't figured this site out yet, was hoping you could help.
C4nn4r I'm probably not the best guy for this, but Sublevel is rather unique for a number of reasons, but the key thing that is keeping me around is the community. Everyone here is linked together, and everyone gets a chance to be on the "front page" of the site, so it is incredibly easy to get discovered and meet new and interesting people. would probably be able to sum this up better than I can if you want the truth.
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C4nn4r Sleepless nights are an absolute blast! Time to go on zombie mode all day and survive on nothing but coffee, water, and the everlasting battle of keeping my eyelids open. GREAT. How are you today, Sublevelers?
Belle Oh dear :( Don't suppose you can sneak in an afternoon nap?
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Ryangilbert Very interested in Sublevel.
C4nn4r You should be! Welcome to Sublevel.
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