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🉑 Vincent Leeuw Ever since Windows 8 was released, Windows lost the ability to consistently remember... window positions...? It's been going on for years and every time I boot, I have to move and resize windows yet again. It's got to the point that when I use macOS, I'm genuinely surprised a window has not moved since the last time I closed it.
🏒 Lucian Marin Xcode has a setting to restore the window position which is enabled by default. In the newest Windows frameworks developers have to implement the same behavior in code. I guess some apps aren't coded this way.
👨‍💻 Matthieu V. on my work machine I switched to a tiling window manager (i3wm) and it feels so much powerful than the old floating window system ! It require some tweaking to get it but it is way better IMHO
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🗨️ Fui Markdown. Any editor will do. Focus on content, not the tool.
🉑 Vincent Leeuw True, that's why I want Markdown on board. Windows 10 search however has been wholly unreliable, so a container app for Markdown files is appreciated, rather than keeping than relying on loose files.
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👂 Sly I settled with Tiddlywiki + Drift plugin.
🉑 Vincent Leeuw Sadly, every time I tried TiddlyWiki it either didn't work, didn't save, or required extensive configuration to the point that running a local server was easier. Also using Firefox proved to be problematic for its extensions. That was some time ago though, has it changed much?
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🏒 Lucian Marin Reminds me of Notational Velocity which I used to sync to Simplenote, but now Simplenote has an app for every platform and I use their apps instead.
🉑 Vincent Leeuw Heh, I completely forgot about Simplenote! Adding that to the mix as well.
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🉑 Vincent Leeuw I've also had a short run with Zettlr, but the entire Zettelkasten method seems to be the most elaborate, mystifying, and roundabout way of explaining a wiki. And in that field VoodooPad still reigns supreme.
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🉑 Vincent Leeuw I've been shopping around for a new note taking app as Evernote looks to be in a dead-end and Notion seems to be overkill. Stumbled upon and it's basically an iA Writer with tags and a search option. Seems to be working rather fine.
🏒 Lucian Marin Reminds me of Notational Velocity which I used to sync to Simplenote, but now Simplenote has an app for every platform and I use their apps instead.
🗨️ Fui Markdown. Any editor will do. Focus on content, not the tool.
🔻 Trinity Terminal with nano open (well, i use ne) does it for me.
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🉑 Vincent Leeuw That feeling when you have to skip two days of your SRS and then you're suddenly clocking more than 400 review items...
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Nick Silvestri in the current moment in history, how do you find the energy to wake up and work in the morning? the only thing I really have the energy for is being a leech on society.
🉑 Vincent Leeuw I feel rather guilty about the fact that I'm an introvert by nature and the last few months have felt like a sort of extended (work)vacation because of it. If anything, it has taught me that I definitely need more time working at home even when (/if) all of this blows over. Still, the fact that I can find a new MO in this situation is keeping me from going haywire. So the guilt is more or the less the price I have to pay for it.
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🦅 Simo What are you working on right now?
🉑 Vincent Leeuw Localizing some sweet video games. As always.
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🉑 Vincent Leeuw And now it's subreply. :D
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🏒 Lucian Marin It's the first dot com and still begins with sub. :)
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🉑 Vincent Leeuw Oh yeah, I had an account for Sublevel, which is now Subcafe. Hmm, I may have neglected this...
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🏒 Lucian Marin Foursquare is pretty useless on my phone. I always end up using Google Maps instead. Some companies don't know how good their products are. They choose to dumb them down until nobody finds them useful anymore.
🉑 Vincent Leeuw I do get more out of Foursquare, but it's been painting itself into a corner by separating into multiple apps. It's my previous investment that keeps me there.
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🉑 Vincent Leeuw So Assassin's Creed: Unity (a stab-the-bad-guy game set during the French Revolution) is a bit of a mess technically speaking. All sorts of bugs and errors plague the game, but it does lead to some gems like the following YouTube video. It's almost a worthy scene from a typical British comedy sketch.
Eric Fable 1 (& Lost Chapters) had a fantastic bug where the Guild Master would continually interrupt cut scenes and emotional moments with helpful hints. The murder of your sister becomes hilarity when during the most tense of scenes you're reminded to "Try and get your combat multiplier even higher" or that your "Health is low, do you have any potions or food?". The NPC's would also scream hysterically if you were evil enough, this would often interrupt cut-scenes, even more hil TRY TO GET YOUR COMBAT MULTIPLIER EVEN HIGHER.
Martijn I saw TotalBiscuit's review of it and he made it sound impossible to play with decent graphical quality - unlike previous AC games. Even his beastly machine couldn't run it. Everything I have seen from it doesn't give me the impression of a triple A game.
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Eric Space Oddessy 2001 and Solaris to watch this weekend! :)
🉑 Vincent Leeuw Ah nice! Is Solaris the classic one or the remake?
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Eric Sublevel doesn't seem so active anymore. Has the thrill of a new toy passed for some?
🉑 Vincent Leeuw Been rather busy last couple of weeks. Making it a bit hard to keep up with all the other stuff. Need to get back into it.
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🏒 Lucian Marin Input ( is a font designed for code by Font Bureau.
🉑 Vincent Leeuw Nice, keeping that one for future reference.
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