Martijn Made an overview of mobile phones I own(ed), then spent way too much time building a way to visually represent their change in size. Had to brush up on my geometry.
C4nn4r That is the perfect balance of useless and fantastic. If I had to make something like that to show an overview of every mobile phone I have ever owned it would probably take me thirty five years to finish it.
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Martijn Note that these are not all the phones I have ever had, I simply have no way to figure out what phones I had before. I suspect the Siemens A50 was one of them. But really, making an HTML table should not take you 35 years!
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C4nn4r I may have been exaggerating /slightly/ on the 35 years time frame. I have had well over 150 mobile phones over the years, and it would take a hell of a long time to just figure out what all of them were, let alone throw them all together into a HTML table. I kinda went through a phase of collecting old Nokia's, and obscure flip-up phones at one point. Dark times.
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