C4nn4r Sleepless nights are an absolute blast! Time to go on zombie mode all day and survive on nothing but coffee, water, and the everlasting battle of keeping my eyelids open. GREAT. How are you today, Sublevelers?
Belle Oh dear :( Don't suppose you can sneak in an afternoon nap?
9y, 40w 2 replies
C4nn4r Unfortunately not, got a few things I need to get done today sadly. Besides, from my own experience afternoon naps tend to turn into eight hour long sleepathons for me, and before I know it, it's four o'clock the next morning, and my sleep schedule just drops apart.
9y, 40w 1 reply
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Belle Ah. Yeah I've been there before. I try not to let myself nap longer than 20 minutes nowadays, but it's so tempting to just sleep and sleep...
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