Martijn Anyone dare comment? "Windows 10 is like a good woman, looks great, works well, but doesn't make any sense."
Asko Coming from win7 I'd say it makes a lot of sense. Sometimes the search doesn't want to find some things, I've noticed lately, and maybe the folder organization defaulting to the "Quick access" is a bit odd, also maybe I click on task view accidentally too much when wanting to search, and the start menu "all apps" thing doesn't have a search, but weird alphabetical listing like in phone contacts ... but regardless of all that, it's pretty sweet.
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Martijn Soylent launches version "2.0", now in ready-made bottles. Don't think I like it. Not only did the price increase with ~50C//400kcal, you now have to drink 5 bottles rather than prepare a single pouch. Not that it really matters, it will not start shipping before October and still only available in the U.S. and Canada. Why they do not work on getting the supply chain established boggles my mind.
Asko Anything with Soy in it, I don't touch.
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Eric Uninstalling some apps (they're called *PROGRAMS* for goodness sake!) causes the settings window to be closed without permission on Windows10, gets annoying when you're uninstalling a stack of things.
Asko I've been suing CCleaner for uninstalling things since .. forever. The default uninstaller never satisfied me, due to often not listing some apps and other times not uninstalling some apps, haven't tried with Win10, but I no longer have any need to.
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Mark Dain Search HN for "has been hacked":
Asko Everything has been hacked.
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Mark Dain Which desktop environment? Debian lets you choose between GNOME (3), Xfce, KDE, Cinnamon, MATE and LXDE. I've tried them all but none seemed to really click with me. Windows 10 and OS X Mavericks are both great, is there anything that's similar to either of them? I do remember GNOME 2 and Xfce being pretty good though.
Mark Dain There's still 1 column, seems you can't get it to be as narrow as it used to be. Honestly I just hit Start then type to search. Don't really use the start menu as such anymore.
Asko win + s is what I use.
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Martijn Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't believe Irish as written a single line of code on Chrome/Blink/Chromium/WebKit. He has much the same role as Bruce Lawson has at Opera: being paid by a browser vendor to do cool things with front-end tech and be a bridge between web developers and the browser. But they are neither part of the W3 working group that writes the HTML standard, nor part of the team that programs the actual render engine.
Asko Apart from some documentation writing and whatnot, you're right. My apologies.
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Mark Dain Are the people who build web browsers also web developers? To me it seems there wouldn't be a lot of overlap between the two and I wonder what effect it has on the direction of the web
Asko I know a lot of people who build Chrome are actually industry leaders at web development, for example: Paul Irish.
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Mark Dain After interviewing Martijn over IRC I can say this isn't as special as it might seem at first. Just him offering his home to 5 Germans to keep them out of the rain on their hike. They wandered into the festival by mistake.
Asko After watching The Imitation Game again yesterday, I sort of feel like offering a home to 5 Germans is wrong, but I'm sure from Pride makes it acceptable.
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Eric Yes, all liked songs. Just need to stop it redownloading past dl'd tracks. All the input it needs is the RSS link found in your settings page. This was a scratch my own itch project.
Asko In that case, please do share it once it reaches completion, I could use the hell out of such a thing.
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Eric Developed a Node CLI app to download and sort your liked tracks on SoundCloud. Adds MP3 metadata the best it can from the information provided & sorts into respective artist folders. Just needs some improvement but has worked a treat so far :) will release soon
Asko Does it also download files with no download link? So far I use Chrome Inspector to do that.
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Martijn Why does Facebook come out and tells me when a friend has commented on something that has 34000+ comments, without giving me a way to see the comment my friend made?
Asko An answer to that is the same as you'd get when you'd ask a mountain climber why he climbs mountains; Because we can.
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Eric In a theatre setting or anywhere? Joking and laughing together is what makes movies watched at home great.
Asko Only with comedies. With any film that requires concentration, it makes me want to stab people.
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Mark Dain Oh look people talking in the office by yelling across my desk. Either come over to talk to them or use Skype. Sometimes I hate working in an open plan office
Asko Yea I know the feeling. Since it's summer, it's hot and so I keep my window open, but the neighbors dog barks all day, every day.
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Mark Dain Resisting the urge to jump on IRC at work... I get so bored here sometimes :/
Asko IRC is turning into a tiny little family, which is really cool if you ask me.
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Flo How did you find out about Sublevel?
Asko Designer News.
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