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Influenza is spreading. Cared for my 3 year olds this weekend and already I can feel it creeping up my throat. Must...resist...virus. I have the coolest project to work on the next few days with a kick ass team. I really can't afford to get sick now!
So far I've had two colds since September, but both have been curiously light. Two days of discomfort each. Surprised a bit.
Watching Deadwood on Netflix. Terrific. Except for the whiteness of their teeth. That really is the only thing that bothers me.
Waking up to coffee and Ella Fitzgerald. Classy Saturday is classy!
I'm increasingly fond of the text-only look & feel of Sublevel. It's such a relief after revisiting Facebook. And people seem to be typing more instead of linking. Twitter and FB are constantly filled with second hand content.
I'm glad you like it. Sublevel is more of communication platform, than a social platform.
I wasn't around in the super early days of Twitter so I'm curious about whether it started off in a similar fashion, with more talking and less linking.
the Amsterdam subway is an overcrowded, sweaty an smelly experience today.
you can't see the age of a posting or comment without clicking on 'reply'. Is this on purpose? It seems a bit counterintuitive.
That's how it works on mobile interface due to space constrains. But on desktop you get the full date when you hover the short time interval.
Hi! New network... Exciting stuff.