19 minutes into the future.
Matthew Hall started today - I'm there tomorrow. Looking forward to some great panels and to see how many giveaways I can score :-)
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Matthew Hall Keeping my avatar in line with the twitter one.
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Matthew Hall Why when a colleague comes in to work with a laptop and a new SSD is a great reminder to make sure my backups are good. Simple - when he started his (infrequent) time machine backup was when his old drive died :-/
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Simon Janes SSDs are scary little devices, so fast, and of course noiseless, so there is no "clicking of death" to warn you of impending doom. datacent.com/hard_...
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Matthew Hall Soundtrack of today : So Bitchen' freelibs.org/audio...
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Josh Sharp Good question. Here is some anecdotal evidence: I tried modafinil and definitely felt more alert, more articulate, just a little more "switched on". Even if I took it first thing in the morning though, it seemed to keep me going well into the night, and I had trouble sleeping. Given its prescribed use I guess that makes sense.
Matthew Hall Good to know your results, thanks. Now reading up at smarternootropics....
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Josh Sharp In terms of research, or the effects of consuming some?
Matthew Hall research for now, wondering how to self-test for measuring effects.
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Josh Sharp I like that the ellipses are now red, but I kinda wish that long posts weren't truncated in my feed. Rarely are they so long that they'd disrupt the flow, and I'd prefer a bit of visual variety in length anyway, vs clicking through to read the final three words that got cut off.
Matthew Hall five words :-)
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Matthew Hall Falling down a *racetam rabbithole
Josh Sharp In terms of research, or the effects of consuming some?
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