Ganesh Khade What do you recommend, Vim, Sublime Text or VS Code for a newbie? I used to recommed VS Code, but everyone I recommend complained about, how slow it was than Sublime Text.
🐨 James S. I still like VS Code, to be honest, though I haven't used ST for a while so perhaps I don't remember/know how much faster ST is?
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🪐 Danilo I can't post a repeated message even on different threads. Do you think it'll become an issue as users use common phrases?
🐨 James S. Interesting.
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🏎️ Fast really hope ppl will not start "-1"ing
Jordan Orelli paper books, none of this ebook noise
🐨 James S. I don't know about this, I like paper books but I also have read more books in the last year than I did before, and that's mainly down to how much easier it is to get an ebook and start reading.
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Xfbs Hey everyone!
Chris Space Frankly, looking in from outside, it'll either be over when you get some leadership because right now there's a leadership vacuum or, when there's a vaccine/everyone has had it and either died or not.
🐨 James S. Yeah, it's looking better in some parts but the lack of an overall, cohesive strategy (not that it would be easy with 50 states, but there should definitely be more than exists currently) will mean that you'll end up with recurrent spikes, especially with the large amount of domestic travel that occurs in the US.
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🦄 Chip Uni Hey, subreply folk -- what resources do you use most to keep up with coronavirus information?
🐨 James S. Bloomberg and the BBC have decent coronavirus podcasts that publish regularly.
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Stephen The future of America. I'm not American but it will have an impact on the rest of the world..
🐨 James S. Yeah, this is something that seems to be lost on some (not all, or even most) Americans - you can't position yourself as a moral/political leader and also tell other countries to butt out when it comes to their internal affairs.
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