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📉 Bill That explains social justice culture a bit. Everyone is trying to look their *best*
💸 Jumar Martin I believe it explains "humans" more than anything else. It is just exacerbated with how connected we are as a society now than any other period in human history.
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💸 Jumar Martin There's a max of 480 characters in the text area and it is properly validated... but of course it is.
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🎣 Fish in my eyes youre pretty much dancing with fomo here but I understand. Due to certain similar opportunities my life has progressed and changed in beautiful ways but that doesn't mean you have to be on that network forever. If instagram gave me a lovely year due to connection, next year maybe going for walks will do that. Opportunities are not only online
💸 Jumar Martin For sure! It's unfortunate that the "culture" has trended to build itself more and more online but as time progresses, it ebb and flows... which leads to generating more connections in person. University allowed me to re-imagine what getting connected with other people meant and how to do so, but was hampered tremendously with the overuse of technology to actually connect with someone. With that being said, I have succeeded a lot during my first year.
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Bat If it's any help, I don't like you whatsoever.
💸 Jumar Martin It does help to remind myself that people don't actually care!
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💸 Jumar Martin So when do we get unicode support?
👍 Lorin H. Ascii was apparently an active design choice. Whooooops.
🧩 Ben not until 1987 :/
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🎣 Fish why play the game?
💸 Jumar Martin It's not "Fear of Missing Out," I barely use social media for that purpose. It might be more of a "having a presence, somewhere" feeling than anything else. If everyone else has a presence then you're behind and as such, miss out on opportunities that could be most favorable to your future.
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💸 Jumar Martin It's weird seeing my friends get into better institutions than I did and still make the same mistake that I did; not going to the best institution available. The "prestige trap" of T20 universities is real and while I try to go against the grain, I probably would be wrapping up an internship now and not doing GSoC or building a CourseTable clone for my uni.
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Daedalus Could you elaborate?
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🎣 Fish that nauseating
💸 Jumar Martin It is, but it has become the norm. I can't express how unfortunate it is but I have to play the game?
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Prince why not?
💸 Jumar Martin During high school I was always lectured on "having a brand" as if social media services getting your data was inevitable. With that being the case, I was told that one should curate their position on the internet so it shows your "best self" as much as possible, no matter what. With me being hyper-conscious of my face on the internet, I find that what I do "provide" is manageable... or so I think.
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🔮 Liv I'm not joking, and don't call me Shirley
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💸 Jumar Martin So, you can't reply to your own posts (like Twitter threads) and you cannot add an additional reply to something you've already replied too. I wonder what the intentions for that was?
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💸 Jumar Martin Coronavirus and university in the fall...
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🔮 Liv Help, I'm alive
💸 Jumar Martin No Mandarin, bummer.
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Chris Mart Have you also gotten spam from the Indian government?
💸 Jumar Martin Ironically, yes.
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Kerem Hey. This looks promising. How's everyone doing? - Will anyone even see this?
💸 Jumar Martin Wo Hen Hao ,Ni Ni ?
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