I never look back darling, it distracts from The Now.
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Erik R. This is either going to be Reddit for very smart people, or Twitter for the alt right. Let's see which way it goes.
🔮 Liv How about geocities for the visually disinclined?
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🦄 Chip Uni Lots of us here are programmers. What's your favorite programming language, and why?
🔮 Liv Javascript, because I know how to make pretty much any browser thing I can think of with it. That said, I've been playing around with Python and C# lately and it's a lot of fun broadening my knowledge. C# in particular feels like a level up, which is satisfying.
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🪐 Danilo Do you think it's still worth trying? Or just quit the mainstream stuff?
🔮 Liv I continue trying! But the pure moments are rare and the negatives are sometimes overwhelming. It's a solvable problem (prioritizing intimacy and word-of-mouth over megaphone social mechanics), but until someone actually builds the better thing... we have what we have.
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🪐 Danilo Oh, boy. I wonder if people will start implementing these features as browser extensions.
🔮 Liv If I wind up being on here more than three days this week, I'll take this one
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Prince it does. what creates your wants?
🔮 Liv Hmm... socialization, probably? How you're raised, the values you're taught, the cultural messaging you absorb. Maybe some innate stuff too, the kind of experiences your body is primed to respond positively and negatively toward.
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Prince do you think feeling pleasure is a need?
🔮 Liv Not directly, no. Feeling pleasure is the body's reward for fulfilling a need. Taking the need out of the picture is just us gaming the system. How you choose to game the system seems like a matter of values and opportunities.
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🏎️ Fast and my heart keeps beating like a hammer
🔮 Liv a TRUE fan
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🎣 Fish hi dad im hungry
🔮 Liv There are Lean Pockets in the freezer, kiddo. Make me one while you're at it
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Prince is there ever a case where need truly does not influence or create a want?
🔮 Liv I think most needs create a want, but need isn't a pre-requisite for wanting. Does that make sense?
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🎣 Fish what separates the needs from the musts for you?
🔮 Liv Needs and musts are one, it's those wants that differ. And usually because the wants are... extracurricular? Above and beyond. More than any individual requires to live or is required to accomplish. For pleasure, basically.
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🔮 Liv Uh oh, just saw a personality I hate on here. I want a soft-mute feature.
🪐 Danilo Oh, boy. I wonder if people will start implementing these features as browser extensions.
🎣 Fish no and i think thats okay. To always expect we need /something/ seems like too much expectation of doing.
🔮 Liv This is interesting! I see drive (to pursue because you want to) and need (to pursue because you must) as distinct experiences.
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Prince do you think you will always have a drive?
🔮 Liv As long as I have my mental faculties and a will to live, I expect to
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🪐 Danilo what now?
🔮 Liv Accept the absurd and make up some meaning to build on for a few decades B]
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Prince do you ever fear that your drive blinds you?
🔮 Liv Not really; I don't find drive to be self-sustaining, and that required effort means a constant reassessing of priorities. On that note: the definition of "getting what you want" will almost certainly evolve as you do.
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Rene hello world
🔮 Liv howdy!
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