trying to be an individual
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life advice to your 22 year-old self? doesn't matter if you're younger or older than 22 at the moment.
Do drugs after 30, not before.
Getting what you want will take longer than you expect, but the journey will be way more interesting than you're imagining.
whatever it is that you want to do, just follow through
Learn to code 10 years ago.
Invest in Crypto
drive faster, fear is exciting
eat good, don't be lazy, study hard, save money, don't worry much about 30s 40s 50s
Read things.
Live cheaply. The lifestyle costs and pressure from not having your own place, nice car, etc are the lowest they'll ever be for you.
Try new things, switch job often
start journaling
Relax. God is in control.
You know nothing. Work out.
Time is the most precious asset in life
What if I'm 22 right now?
Keep learning. Keep learning more.
Stop eating so much pizza and get some exercise jeeze
The worst case isn't that bad. Do it!
have fun
Don't stress over hair loss, you'll end up shaving your head and you look way better, it's cheaper, easier to deal with and chicks super dig it.
Don't waste a minute seeking advice online. There is too much survivorship bias and overcorrecting of mistakes. Plus, on the internet, nobody knows you're a dog.
"There's going to be this thing called Bitcoin. Buy a lot when you first hear about it, but not too much to ruin it. Sell it all at any price above 16k."
Pursue everything that interests you, in the tiniest possible way each day, to allow room for many projects. These tiny investments will compound. Growth won't be perceivable day to day. But over time you'll learn your interests, learn your strengths, learn your particular brain's workways. You'll eventually narrow your interests to the ones that fit best, incorporating what you learned in other now-abandoned domains.