trying to be an individual
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🙊 Umar Dabhoiwala 100 gecs are amazing, the new remixes are mad. The fallout ones been on repeat
Prince :> glad you think so. i recommend you check out fraxiom and gupi if you're looking for a similar sound
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🗿 Simohamed What do you do when your unmotivated?
Prince try to asses why i am unmotivated. usually it's because i'm trying to do something i only think i care about, rather than something i truly care about. if i absolutely need to do the thing im unmotivated to do, i try to find if there's a way i can satisfy the need in a way that is interesting
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🙊 Umar Dabhoiwala Any interesting music recommendations? Always fun to listen to new stuff.
Prince 100 gecs
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⚡ Kay there's definitely something addicting about this small social network. it may be the minimalist approach, but what else?
Prince it is very easy to feel heard. being interactive leads to large conversations easily, and people answer questions if you ask them. the conversations here also feel a little bit like the ones you had at 1am at a sleepover with your best friend, for some reason
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🛡️ Cyrano I feel like I'm wasting a lot for an art degree. Any advice for someone about to graduate college?
Prince remember that if you truly love what you are doing, you will die smiling
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🎯 Gallium Oxide Don't waste a minute seeking advice online. There is too much survivorship bias and overcorrecting of mistakes. Plus, on the internet, nobody knows you're a dog.
Prince happy to see another dog on the forums
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🎣 Fish why play the game?
Prince it seems to me like a give and take. the amount taken (privacy, and the immortalization of mistakes) can sometimes be a lot, and i think the average individual does not capitalize on what is given enough to balance out the take. if you can capitalize, however...
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👍 Lorin H. Stop eating so much pizza and get some exercise jeeze
Prince perhaps you needed to get it out of your system
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🗿 Simohamed Also, the ability to reply to yourself...more than once. And, more AJAXy replies as you can only see a single level of collapsed replies per page.
Prince i initially felt this way as well, but then realized it just causes me to think carefully about what i plan to say, and remain focused on a small section of a conversation. to me, this is a good thing
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🦄 Chip Uni Keep learning. Keep learning more.
Prince what kind of things?
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📉 Bill You're given a *set amount* at the start and have to spend it every single day so don't waste it.
Prince how do you personally judge when time is being wasted?
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🗿 Simohamed What would you change about this site?
Prince private replies would be nice, i want to share external things like github that contain personal information, but not to the entire world
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🛡️ Cyrano What if I'm 22 right now?
Prince what advice do you need right now?
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🗿 Simohamed Oh boy! Shell Scripting (properly and thoroughly,) transfer my drawing abilities to digital, SVG animation, pick up a compiled language (Rust or Go,) TypeScript, and the beautiful art of Email HTML. After my exams, I'll probably begin with TypeScript. What about you? Where you at?
Prince similar to you. i focus on making react apps with typescript. things that hopefully help people - just need to find out what the world actually needs at this point
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📉 Bill Time is the most precious asset in life
Prince when should you spend it?
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Rsm No, but it's an oft-needed reminder. At least, I need to be reminded daily of this truth.
Prince i hope it leads you somewhere that makes you happy
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