PQC researcher by day, Rust programmer by night
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😼 Neikos I like that one can set emoji as 'avatars'! But Unicode is hard, and setting a byte limit is not technically the same as allowing 'two emojis' (visually at least)! Many are composed of more than a single byte, and use zero-width joiners (ZWJ) to represent a more complicated one. For example 'woman teacher' is woman + ZWJ + school. And then skin-tones make everything larger still, as they get added with more ZWJs. Thus, a medium-light-skinned man teacher cannot be used here.
😾 Oskar You've took those from Principles and Practice Using C++ by Stroustrup? :) Those are good starting points obviously, but as far as I remember it's also curriculum for learning C++ in his book. Try writing calculator with an option to do equations too! (Hell of a chapter for beginner)
😼 Neikos Actually, I haven't! But they are fairly common starter projects, so maybe I've picked it up from others
🕹 Louise Learning Rust and waiting for my brain to come up with some ideas to develop in Rust.
😼 Neikos Here are some in case you're still looking: - command line Tetris or Tic-Tac-Toe (depending on how advanced you wanna go) - command line wettr.in program, it should be able to save my location (or even find it out itself!) - A unit converter program, allowing to convert from degC to degF, Dollars to Euros, etc...
🦅 Simo What are you working on right now?
😼 Neikos Working on a paper about post-quantum cryptography, deadlines are approaching
⭐ Xavi Very similar yes! Simpler rules and easier/quicker to play, Ogame was a time sucker
😼 Neikos Oh definitely. Let's see how far I get here
⭐ Xavi a text based multiplayer game that you play via Telegram, not many know about it but there's a nice community and we have lots of fun spacehuntgame .com
😼 Neikos Just checked it out! It's just like the good ol' oGame right?