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😼 Neikos Just checked it out! It's just like the good ol' oGame right?
⭐ Xavi Very similar yes! Simpler rules and easier/quicker to play, Ogame was a time sucker
🦅 Simo What are you working on right now?
⭐ Xavi a text based multiplayer game that you play via Telegram, not many know about it but there's a nice community and we have lots of fun spacehuntgame .com
🐠 Sam E. Today is the release date for an mobile app projects I've made with my life partner during the past 1-2 month of lockdown. Play Store review times are quite long, but it should be live later during the day :)
⭐ Xavi share the link, i'd love to try it out :)
⭐ Xavi Glad to have subreply back! It's really smooth