9y, 40w Elkraneo
Pirate, trollslayer, gopher, bofher, speaker, engineering manager
Python developer
9y, 38w Omixam
Graphic designer. Branding, naming and typography.
9y, 30w ⭐ Xavi
Developer & Entrepreneur
8y, 47w Hugocosta
Art Director Mammal.
Southern designer
I went to the GM Island on live server.
karliky.com ~ 35y old in Spain
A fine vintage subproduct from 1972
Ruby, OpenSUSE, Godot
If it's understood doesn't need to be discussed.
~ 57y old in Barcelona
A Software Engineer and PHP wrangler
1y, 36w 🦫 Jack
Full Stack software developer. I'm either lifting or coding
~ 29y old in Spain
Go Developer
~ 43y old in Madrid