ðŸŒŪ Hejo If anyone has 5 minutes to spare I would appreciate some feedback on the layout of my 'open notes' section of my new homepage. I've created 2 entries so far and plan to publish all my notes over time. buglab.org/grep
😏 Yt L. Seems a bit off on mobile. I noticed a link extended past the white bounding box and, as I think about it, I wonder why that white box isn't the whole page. ibb.co/gdyRCmp
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ðŸŒŪ Hejo Dark mode is overrated. Fight me.
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ðŸŽē Jamie Hashtags would be nice, but it as above says, the search is not quite there yet.
ðŸŒŪ Hejo Iirc you already can use hashtags
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ðŸŒŪ Hejo What are you working on at the moment?
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🏒 Lucian Marin Falcon. It's built like an API that outputs HTML instead of JSON.
ðŸŒŪ Hejo Going to look into it, thank you. Do you have any plans to publish the code of subreply?
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🏒 Lucian Marin I can convince you that Python is close to perfect for web app servers. Subreply is built with Python with no async code.
ðŸŒŪ Hejo Do you have any plans to publish the code of subreply? What framework do you use? Flask, Tornado, Pyramid, something else?
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😏 Yt L. Collapsing threads, or toggling a "collapse by default" behavior. It would make scrolling the trending page easier.
ðŸŒŪ Hejo +1 Would make it way easier.
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ðŸŒŪ Hejo What are your favorite IT blogs?
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ðŸĶ… Simo What are you working on right now?
ðŸŒŪ Hejo Flask App for simple todo/ note-taking activities
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Felix What are you currently reading? I need inspirations
ðŸŒŪ Hejo I am about to start 'Infinite Jest' and 'Catch 22'
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Nick Silvestri in the current moment in history, how do you find the energy to wake up and work in the morning? the only thing I really have the energy for is being a leech on society.
ðŸŒŪ Hejo I have the 'why am I doing this' in mind. I want to provide for myself, my family and friends, do a little bit for prestige and to change things if I am able to later on.
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Nikola Duza Hello subreply
ðŸŒŪ Hejo Hello Nikola
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George Petsagourakis Is anyone alive in this ?
ðŸŒŪ Hejo Just woke up.
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Jonathan Baudanza Righty tighty, lefty loosey.
ðŸŒŪ Hejo I will quote this quote in 5+ years. Good one haha
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ðŸŒŪ Hejo Prepping some breakfast, planing my day. What about you?
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ðŸŒŪ Hejo Good morning fellas.
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