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🌮💻 Hejo If anyone has 5 minutes to spare I would appreciate some feedback on the layout of my 'open notes' section of my new homepage. I've created 2 entries so far and plan to publish all my notes over time.
😏😎 Yt L. Seems a bit off on mobile. I noticed a link extended past the white bounding box and, as I think about it, I wonder why that white box isn't the whole page.
🌮💻 Hejo Dark mode is overrated. Fight me.
🌮💻 Hejo What are you working on at the moment?
🌮💻 Hejo What are your favorite IT blogs?
🌮💻 Hejo Good morning fellas.
🌮💻 Hejo So, it is almost 1 am here. I wish you all a great night!
🌮💻 Hejo Currently working with Python's web framework Flask. Does anyone can recommend some tutorials for todo/note-taking applications?
🌮💻 Hejo Clean theme. No likes. Text only. No ads. No brands. I like it so far.