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🎲🃏 James York Is it hotter than normal where you are in the world, too?
🗨🐒 Fui I'm no climate change denier, but no. Why? Because I live in a sub-tropical region, where it's hot all year. The variation on temperature is minimal. Now, people here tell me the weather patterns are different, with the rainy season being now much more unpredictable. I'm on the NE part of Brazil, btw.
💻🥞 Kernel Last two years broke a lot of weather records... It's really warm now but luckily not much worse than before.
🧉 Martin Here in north UK, it most certainly is. It's not even raining.
🎲🃏 James York Starting to arrange my thoughts with Any other users on here? Really liking it so far (a few weeks in, using it to store notes on academic papers that I read, plan projects and reflect on life in journal entries).
🗨🐒 Fui I'm one foot in, one out. I like it, I like the direction where is headed, but... I'm managing my ZK well enough with VSCode only -- at least for now. So I basically just use obsidian to check the graph view.
🎲🃏 James York On teaching (with games) and vaporwave. Essentially: slow down teaching, repeat things, don't try and reinvent the wheel, work with existing pedagogy and remix it!
Miso That's a really interesting read!
✨ Jacoby Whoa! You just pressed all my buttons at the same time. I teach. I play games. I teach games. And they are always set to a vaporwave soundtrack too. Can send my Spotify playlist links if interested.
🎲🃏 James York Any Volvo v40 owners on here? Thinking of getting a d4...
🎲🃏 James York What are your plans for the weekend? Personally, I'm going to finish peer reviewing a paper, play taiko with my family, and play some Minecraft.
🤬 Foobar Moving in to my new apartment :)
🎲🃏 James York Anyone here involved with education? Specifically game-based learning.
🔭 Geraldo Sturgis High school math teacher here.
Leif I gamified version control for software engineering students once. Happy to chat!
🧔 Justin People say this a really hard space to sell products in because it's either sell to the parents of students who typically don't feel inclined, or sell to a school or district, which is a winner take all type situation. I know this isn't a one-to-one comparable situation, but here's something I think is worth thinking about: I've been picking up the drums recently and I've been using Clone Hero (a Guitar Hero clone for PC that has drum support) as an aid. (1/2)
Sergiusz I teach computer-related courses in high-school.
✨ Jacoby I teach elementary students with board games a lot. Looking to teach with TTRPGs soon too.