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🟩 Koralatov What fun project would you do with a $1 a month Atlantic VPS and middling technical, and almost no programming, skill?
💻🥞 Kernel There are VPS for that cheap? That website is at least 8$ for me
🤔✍️ David Perhaps work on improving my programming skills? There's a lot that you can do even with a cheap VPS - nobody really needs powerful instances for personal projects unless it involves heavy computation
Xy website using static site generator, vpn, mumble server
📉 Bill Setup a website and vpn server and learn about Linux server config
Joseph For me it was a pretty linear decrease in quality across the series. God Emperor and whatever the next one was we're good but it makes them seems worse because the first is so amazing
🟩 Koralatov I can see that side of it too. I think, as says below, Herbert is a better philosopher than writer (I wouldn't say he's "terrible", though). I think a reader's enjoyment of the following books hinges on whether they're interested in the *philosophy* Herbert explores, or the *universe* he built; when it's the latter, they're much weaker books.
❄☕ Geoff What browser is everyone using these days? Anyone on Microsoft Edge?
🟩 Koralatov I use, and quite like, the EdgeHTML version of Edge on my work PC. I haven't used the new, Chromium-powered version.
Nick in the current moment in history, how do you find the energy to wake up and work in the morning? the only thing I really have the energy for is being a leech on society.
🟩 Koralatov My dog removes the choice from me: I have to get up to care for her (walk, toilet break, exercise). Doing so is immediately rewarding and, even when I'm tired, I never regret spending the time on her.
🧞 Bit Dune. It's a great book and the time I spend at home now made me feel less intimidated at the size
🟩 Koralatov 'Dune' is excellent, and works perfectly as a standalone book. Depending how much you like it, the sequels are well worth a read. I think 'God Emperor of Dune' the best of the entire series, with 'Dune' itself a close second, but 'God Emperor' is very love-it or hate-it.
🦅 Simo What are you working on right now?
🟩 Koralatov Ground-up redesign for onionsamson.com.