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Start working as a physicist in a R&D company just to write a Django app +_+
That's how I started with Python. In 2012 I joined a startup to learn Django.
Sunrises on Catalina are so beautiful.
Haven't been there since I was a kid but now I wanna go back and appreciate it more! Catalina is amazing
A Brief History of Time is a magnificent book. is down!
Oh right, thanks! It is now actually :D I needed to clean up a bit. Too many domains.
I posted my first answer on StackOverflow. And reported my first issue in an open-source project on GitHub. And it feels good.
Tu te demandes si tu es une bete feroce ou bien un saint Mais tu es l'un, et l'autre. Et tellement de choses encore Tu es infiniment nombreux Celui qui meprise, celui qui blesse, celui qui aime, celui qui cherche Et tous les autres ensembles Trompe-toi, sois imprudent, tout n'est pas fragile N'attends rien que de toi, parce que tu es sacre Parce que tu es en vie Parce que le plus important n'est pas ce que tu es, mais ce que tu as choisi d'etre
I tasted gemini and it's haf
Oh gods I love self-hosting
With years my mindset is changing from "I gotta run out of this country, it is too unstable" to "I gotta stay in this country and try to make it stable"
What a positive change in outlook! We should all do the same wherever we are. Be in the side getting things better, not running after the proverbial greener pastures.
It is high time for a Sign Language
Universal languages have their place in the day-to-day life. Traffic signs will make self-driving cars work.
Hey , why subreply on iOS Safari has a white theme? Will there will be an option to change it back to black?
There is one. Turn on Dark Mode on iOS, iPadOS, macOS, Android, Windows, Gnome, etc.
I was breaking up with Facebook from time to time, but almost always the one thing I was coming back to, was the events section
seems like the new design recognizes this, emphasizing groups and events over newsfeeds. if those features are useful to you, then why quit at all? maybe download the newsfeed blocker if you find yourself accidentally 'doomscrolling' after logging on to check events
If I may, are there any specific types of groups or events you follow that only list on Facebook?
your Bio is so mind-devastating.
108h to write a processing system of data, which I don't yet fully understand
Sounds like you're going to need a lot of coffee :) Good luck.
sounds like a normal month to me
how could I contribute to your courses at
Yakk is going through a little pivot actually, where the model is changing away from the user-contributed course system. I'll share more when there's more to see. Thanks for the interest, though, I appreciate it.
Airlines cancelled my friend over three flights home for the last two months. So we are going with a couple of friends through the Europe to move him back home.
Sounds like road movie material. Like this Greek student who went from Scotland to Greece by bike: