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Once again I am doing a project for CERNish institute and once again I have to code in C++ killmeplease
What's wrong with C++?
What is the project about? Is it linked to the particle accelerator?
Is there any chance you could cheat by using Nim instead? (can compile to C++)
Sometimes I want to support some project, but it requires logging into PayPal or smith like that, and I just want to push one button
Apple pay seems to solve that problem given that all of the payment information can be verified with touch or face ID
This place is like those ancient messages from the Talos Principle: simple, vivid thoughts; shadows of souls.
There are still some active people right? It feels like a nice little community. I see some accounts that have joined this platform five years ago. I didn't know that subreply has existed for that long...
I attempted a project a few months ago where I tried to recreate the talks with Milton by parsing the script from the game files. Maybe some better programmer than me can succeed in this task?