Amateur Researcher
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Sergiusz I find it difficult to distinguish between nickname and post's first phrase over here. I think they need some space
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🐞 Lucian Marin I changed the way fetches articles. It's faster, new articles every couples of minutes. It doesn't depend on the Facebook API any longer. I can provide a JSON API for iOS and Android developers.
Sergiusz Yes please!
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😃 Javier my favorite editor[copy paste in your favorite browser url bar] data:text/html, <body contenteditable style="background-color:white;color:black; font: 2rem/1.5 monospace;max-width:60rem color:white ;margin:0 auto;padding:4rem;">
Sergiusz Absolutely wonderful in its simplicity
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Sergiusz Start working as a physicist in a R&D company just to write a Django app +_+
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🐞 Lucian Marin That's how I started with Python. In 2012 I joined a startup to learn Django.
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Sergiusz Sunrises on Catalina are so beautiful.
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Zero Edge Haven't been there since I was a kid but now I wanna go back and appreciate it more! Catalina is amazing
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Sergiusz A Brief History of Time is a magnificent book.
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🍕 Mattia Tezzele I don't mind the extra click if I get two nice looking and easy to use screens. Right now the trade-off is not worth it, because a) I save myself the click, but everything is so crammed together that I can barely make sense of it (more so because the information in the 2 different columns are completely unrelated -- they are 2 different feeds) and b) I lose the leads below the headlines, which were actually quite nice.
Sergiusz Totally agree
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Sergiusz is down!
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🧐 Nrmn Oh right, thanks! It is now actually :D I needed to clean up a bit. Too many domains.
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🧐 Nrmn I started working on a URL shortener service for the inclined individuals that want to host it themselves. Any must haves in a self-hosted, simple URL shortener service?
Sergiusz Explicit setup manual. Let us know when you'll publish the code!
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Vincent L. I'm grading my students for their Word/Excel/HTML exam. Neat :D Otherwise, I should figure out what occupation to seek for next year.
Sergiusz I was a part-time teacher in a vocational high-school (it technician) for the last one and a half year. It was a great adventure! I wish to pursue it, but sadly I don't have enough time between my other jobs/projects.
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Miso What project are you all working on these days?
Sergiusz I am trying to make an interactive version of Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata
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Sergiusz I posted my first answer on StackOverflow. And reported my first issue in an open-source project on GitHub. And it feels good.
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Sergiusz Tu te demandes si tu es une bete feroce ou bien un saint Mais tu es l'un, et l'autre. Et tellement de choses encore Tu es infiniment nombreux Celui qui meprise, celui qui blesse, celui qui aime, celui qui cherche Et tous les autres ensembles Trompe-toi, sois imprudent, tout n'est pas fragile N'attends rien que de toi, parce que tu es sacre Parce que tu es en vie Parce que le plus important n'est pas ce que tu es, mais ce que tu as choisi d'etre
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Nick Silvestri Oh man, you really opened this Pandora's box. I thought it was an unspoken understanding on here to ignore Jerrod.
Sergiusz I love this thread and Jerrod on Subreply. It's just... so real.
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🗨️ Fui Yesterday I've watched an anime series on a usually much less glamorous sport: ping pong. And I was truly impressed how much one could dive into the psychology of sports through such simple premise: what makes one good at a sport? The series? Ping Pong the Animation (2014), by Masaaki Yuasa.
Sergiusz I love the fact that there is anime about anything
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