I'm YogyrtMaej.
~ 23y old in United States
⚡ Kay there's definitely something addicting about this small social network. it may be the minimalist approach, but what else?
♨️ Adeeb Khan The ability to say things so freely
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⌨️ Joseph Feels like an undiscovered and cozy part of the web. It's so new and not corporate.
♨️ Adeeb Khan but that also adds to the unregulated shitposting that will inevitably come.
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☕ Christopher I hate to pile on with the same answers others are given but the minimalist approach is definitely the way to go and making all sections of the threads independently collapsable would go a very long way.
♨️ Adeeb Khan Along with this, make the thread comment stuff stretch to the right more. There's no reason to not use the space. I know that's more UI, but it would go a long way.
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♨️ Adeeb Khan There needs to be an auto refresh or live update feature
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🐡 Damian B. Wack way of communication
♨️ Adeeb Khan It is cool tho
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♨️ Adeeb Khan How many people are coming from ~
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♨️ Adeeb Khan How new is this site?
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🎯 Gallium Oxide What book or article has had the greatest impact on your life?
♨️ Adeeb Khan Dune by Frank Herbert
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♨️ Adeeb Khan This site needs admins
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Rad Agreed
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