8y, 41w Plindberg
8y, 40w Martijn
News junky extraordinary.
8y, 25w Robjekt
UX & developer, former game designer, making products
7y, 25w Dingose
Yet another nerd, specializations: programming, testing, writing
swag time
PhD student in Computer Science
Programmer - Entrepreneur - Open Source Advocate
2y, 36w 🐲 Eyght
E-commerce dev dude.
2y, 36w Niclas
VC at Almi Invest. 3x Founder, 1x Author, 2x Dad.
~ 33y old in Sweden
Just a guy who likes to take stuff apart. And make a small improvement on the world. Pragmatic FOSS enthusiast.
~ 43y old in Stockholm
Someone tired of fancy obstrusive websites.
~ 37y old in Sweden
I build things with tiny wires