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Martijn I think it's because Sublevel really wants to encourage conversation - the back-and-forth between people. I am still not sure if I like being limited (what if I want to add something next week?) but it keeps things different.
Dingose I think that is a valid point. But if that is the mechanic here, then I guess it is like this for a reasob and thought has been given to it :)
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Dorcas The "sublevel" way of replying.
Dingose Now I know :) I do usually write a barrage of short messages in a fairly rapid succession, and that wont work well here. Oh well, I'll adapt :)
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Dingose I just realized that I can't reply more than once to a message :s will adjust my style of communication
Dorcas The "sublevel" way of replying.
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Khll Nothing will get you more excited for Mondays like a topology class. /s
Dingose Oh I don't know... Going to work knowing the first two hours will be wasted due to IT's "monthly reboot" of our linux boxen (never hire a windows admin to admin anything but windows) is also *very* motivating /s
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Khll Same here!
Dingose Hate to be that guy but.... +1
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