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🗿 Ali It's a web app security scanner; Something like Burp Suite or Acunetix or Skipfish.
Chetan Vashisht Converted a blog to an ebook, so I can read it on my kindle.
🤨 Zero Error You mean webpage to ebook
🗿 Ali My own web application security testing framework.
🤨 Zero Error Like a nmap with their scripts
Luke F. proj management, client coddling, scratching head over dead server
Ganesh Khade What do you recommend, Vim, Sublime Text or VS Code for a newbie? I used to recommed VS Code, but everyone I recommend complained about, how slow it was than Sublime Text.
🤨 Zero Error Vs code was build by electron js, so it's just nothing but your chrome browser tab, with extra features, sometimes it lags on low power RAM system. By adding more extension and watching files changes, quite RAM aggressive, sublime otherwise it's written in C, with less fancy features, suitable for basic, answer for your question fully depend on your working environment, if you are normal web dev sublime is reasonable choice
Craig Bot Is everyone here a computer programmer?
🤨 Zero Error Linux enthusiastic here