Designer developer with a chemistry degree. Can also be found .
Craig Bot Is everyone here a computer programmer?
David Barker How often do you ding?
9y, 50w reply
Hugh Spiller Spice Girls?
David Barker That's right!
9y, 50w reply
🏀 Air Bud This is the Google search for that, so I'm guessing it's either Paul McCartney or Sonic the Hedgehog.
David Barker No, but the nationality of Paul McCartney is the same as my artists'.
9y, 50w reply
🏀 Air Bud Alright , time for some building. What are you listening to?
David Barker Sir Leg Pics. (Can you solve it?)
9y, 50w 4 replies
David Barker Don't forget to check out :)
9y, 50w 1 reply
David Barker I still don't know what a taco is.
9y, 50w reply
Nick Frost Just added to It will be on the site soon. :D
David Barker Question: What's the name for the Sublevel equivalent of a tweet?
Ilustrebob We need a hipster name filled with irony and lacking vowels.
Hugh Spiller "re" doesn't work for me. Tweet -> tweets, tweeted, tweeting... re -> res, red, reing - not friendly or obvious words. "Sub" is too like subreddit. Maybe "ping", like sub => submarine => sonar => ping, or "step", like the way down to the basement, which also ties in visually with the post structure.
Simon Janes How about a lev? Hey, are you on my lev? You find that lev? First lev! YES IT MUST HAVE THE BREVE ( V ) ;)
Eric When did 'Post' go out of fashion?
9y, 45w reply
🏀 Air Bud Guys, how do we make big?
David Barker Hold down CMD-+.
9y, 50w 2 replies
David Barker Is the Sublevel version of a subtweet a "subsublevel"?
9y, 50w reply ¬
🏀 Air Bud Actually, instead of pictures, I'm just going to post about dogs, is that okay?
David Barker Dogs are awesome.
9y, 50w reply
David Barker I created a subreddit for newly-launched products/apps/etc., last night. Join in! :)
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David Harrison Doesn't use gravatar. I'm leaving!
David Barker Come back!
9y, 50w reply
Mc Dammit. Looks like got the username I wanted :p
David Barker That'll be my fault for telling him about it last night! +@matt
9y, 50w reply
Tacobell Who wants a burrito?
David Barker What's a burrito?
9y, 50w 1 reply