multi-instrumentalist, computer gamer, F1 enthusiast, finance guy, aspiring programmer
~ 23 years old
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any F1 fans around these parts? if so, thoughts on the Austrian/styrian GP?
testing - I like the idea of no-frills social media
same. Looks promising so far.
I like the idea but for now it looks just like an endless (though searchable) stream of plain text messages. Isn't that called a mailinglist?
Same here. This is great for mobile.
I miss the upvote button and being able to see more than one level of comments in a single page. Regardless, I've been having a great experience so far (i.e., past 10 minutes)
it's got a really clean look
I dig it so far
It would be cool if we could collapse threads. And if there were a page with random messages, so that the site doesn't depend so much on you having to follow people first.