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Burensasub I think so too
🕹ī¸ Andrew In my county, teachers don't seem to be happy about the current plan. I wouldn't be surprised if they decide not to come in.
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đŸ’Ŗ Zoid So what's the backstory here? Where did subreply come from and where is it going? I'm quite enjoying this.
🕹ī¸ Andrew Subreply used to be Sublevel. There were profile pictures and stuff but it was still minimalist. Had a more intimate feel than facebook/twitter/etc. which has carried over
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🕹ī¸ Andrew I feel like if schools open normally in August, we're going to be doing this again in October/November.
Burensasub I think so too
đŸĨ Mr What are you doing since COVID hit?
🕹ī¸ Andrew Studying and consuming media!
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🏛ī¸ Brandon Pittman I spent so many hours in Titanfall 2...
🕹ī¸ Andrew With friends the multiplayer is a ton of fun. A lot of people are playing it now since it released on Steam.
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Miso Do you play any games?
🕹ī¸ Andrew A bunch! Right now, Final Fantasy, Titanfall 2, and Monster Hunter World.
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🗨ī¸ Fui How far have you guys go procrastination wise? Tells us how clever (or pathetic) you got at it.
🕹ī¸ Andrew At this point, I do everything important on the last day. I just never have the motivation to do it earlier and I keep pushing it back.
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đŸ”ģ Trinity It could be worse. Aside from the word usage they haven't said anything actually racist.
🕹ī¸ Andrew I'm sure they haven't, but most people are just going to go "nope" and just refuse to communicate.
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đŸ”ģ Trinity At this point we might as well tag them- but I'd rather keep a word like that out of my vocabulary; I have a lot of friends of color and that word has quite the warranted connotation.
🕹ī¸ Andrew Yeah, the connotation is incredibly loaded, so I don't understand why someone would choose any sort of slur as people's first impression of them. The average person knows that most people are just going to dip out right after that, even if you're trying to make a point about censorship.
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🕹ī¸ Andrew If you complain about people reacting negatively to a word that you know is provocative, aren't you just playing yourself? Sure, people can say whatever they want, but IMO people aren't going to be that receptive to your points.
đŸ”ģ Trinity At this point we might as well tag them- but I'd rather keep a word like that out of my vocabulary; I have a lot of friends of color and that word has quite the warranted connotation.
☕ David Antoine Sure doesn't help. It's a matter of good judgment I suppose. Do you remember how Sublevel was before the actual burst since it returned? I don't recall any discussion about racism, gender, bigotry, etc. Was super nice. Now you see those people coming and immediately shouting racism! What? Not the best way to start a conversation. Best way to drag down the platform... Going back to work full time soon anyway, so less time to spend here. I'll see how it goes from the side...
🔚 Bort Simpson Who determines what words or gestures are provocative?
🌊 Zero Two we should not be scared of a word, but we should also be considerate of other people.
đŸ’ģ Kernel Do we really need to work 20+ years to earn the right to call a house 'home'? Isn't there a better way to contribute to society and have a fulfilling life?
🕹ī¸ Andrew There are some people who manage to do remote work (like programming or coding) and they travel the world and stay in different places instead. I always thought that was a cool way to live.
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📀 Rob What do you guys know about fitness? How does someone get "celebrity" fit?
🕹ī¸ Andrew Being "celebrity fit" requires lots of time, a focused routine, and perhaps a personal trainer and/or meal plan. One of the actors from the marvel movies said that he only achieved six pack abs and so on because he had the time to devote to all the training. For normal people, you have to set aside time to go to the gym, perhaps 3-5 times a week, and stick with a routine. Focus on learning the movements first, and then stick with it.
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đŸĩ Neo Are we talking Titanfall 1 or 2? I've played 2, and the story does live up to the hype. Thoroughly enjoyed the campaign gameplay.
🕹ī¸ Andrew Titanfall 2. I haven't finished the campaign yet, but I will eventually. Multiplayer is a lot of fun though.
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😀 Tom So 5 years later, how did it go?
🕹ī¸ Andrew Long story! But after some more research I decided not to go. Instead I was in NY for a bit, going to auditions. But it was clear that I would have to sacrifice a lot if I wanted to make it work, and I really didn't think I could do that.
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📖 Jan The ever increasing digital backlog of "stuff" is stressing me out. Dozens of MOOC courses, hundreds of epubs/PDFs, 1000+ games and a long list of projects are all begging for attention in the 1-2 hours a night I have free to spend as a like. How do you choose?
🕹ī¸ Andrew Sometimes I get overwhelmed with "so many choices," so I purposefully try to limit myself to one or two things at a time. I finish a show I've started before, and then move on to a new one. The same with games, books, and movies.
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📄 Matt Hewleffler Do you ever work when not clocked in? Why?
🕹ī¸ Andrew I work in the media center at a public school, and occasionally I've stayed late in order to finish something. I don't have to at all, but the faster I finish big projects, the easier it is for me and the students.
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