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I feel like if schools open normally in August, we're going to be doing this again in October/November.
If you complain about people reacting negatively to a word that you know is provocative, aren't you just playing yourself? Sure, people can say whatever they want, but IMO people aren't going to be that receptive to your points.
At this point we might as well tag them- but I'd rather keep a word like that out of my vocabulary; I have a lot of friends of color and that word has quite the warranted connotation.
It can be useful in the short-term because it attracts attention, and you ultimately achieve nothing if you do not attract attention. But in the longer term it adds to the heat of a topic which in turn loses attention from the most honestly-motivated and persuadable participants.
Sure doesn't help. It's a matter of good judgment I suppose. Do you remember how Sublevel was before the actual burst since it returned? I don't recall any discussion about racism, gender, bigotry, etc. Was super nice. Now you see those people coming and immediately shouting racism! What? Not the best way to start a conversation. Best way to drag down the platform... Going back to work full time soon anyway, so less time to spend here. I'll see how it goes from the side...
Who determines what words or gestures are provocative?
we should not be scared of a word, but we should also be considerate of other people.
I was actually thinking about sublevel the other day when I saw the return email in my inbox. Hello!
Hi again, Andrew! What games do you play? That's good emoji choice.
On a whim, I decided to apply to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in LA. My audition in theory should be a month or so from now. I'm nervous.
Sounds like the perfect way to start 2015. Good luck at your audition!
So 5 years later, how did it go?
Majora's Mask is coming to 3DS. The gods have answered my prayers.
So is anybody else on here in college?
Do you mean University or that bit after school?
Yep. This is my last year.
I need to go see Gone Girl.
I really enjoyed the book. Unexpectedly, I have to say.
Eating lunch in the middle of my archaeology class. Fun times.
I swear my bed is a magnet. Initially, dragging myself out of bed is agonizing, but then I feel fine. But then later it'll be like 10:00 and I just can't stay awake anymore. It's like it switches its polarity or something.
An interesting article on the state of Ello right now -
So is Sublevel the "next Facebook?" Or is Ello? What even is the next Facebook, anyway?
Hey. I'm liking the feel of this site. It seems more personal.