📖 Jan Slowly getting back in to the world of home automation. Last time I used Z-wave now I'm thinking Zigbee with HomeKit. I wonder if I could re-use the Z-wave wall switches with HomeKit?
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📖 Jan The ever increasing digital backlog of "stuff" is stressing me out. Dozens of MOOC courses, hundreds of epubs/PDFs, 1000+ games and a long list of projects are all begging for attention in the 1-2 hours a night I have free to spend as a like. How do you choose?
đŸ’ģ Kernel You don't, it seems that you have a textbook case of choice overload. Limit your options!
Burensasub Unfortunately I don't have any answers but just wanted to say that I also find it impossible to keep up
Uri Prioritize ruthlessly. I set out for myself 3 goals each quarter, then I see how I did at the end of the quarter. I try and do this in my personal life and my professional life.
Sergiusz I just cross out from my to-do list a few books/movies/etc every couple of months. It's the only way. The life is too short. Yet.
🕹ī¸ Andrew Sometimes I get overwhelmed with "so many choices," so I purposefully try to limit myself to one or two things at a time. I finish a show I've started before, and then move on to a new one. The same with games, books, and movies.
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📖 Jan Hah. Now posting works without issues, tried both Safari and Firefox.
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🏒 Lucian Marin You're using a custom keyboard.
📖 Jan as far as I can tell, it's the build-in, bog-standard English (US) qwerty keyboard of iOS. Not swiftkey etc.
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📖 Jan Interesting. I cannot seem to be able to post anything via iOS - the return key just creates a new line...
🏒 Lucian Marin You're using a custom keyboard.
Burensasub What I usually do is retype the last character and immediately tap "return." This seems to happen especially when my last character is punctuation
Diva I sometimes have the same issue
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