🏒 Lucian Marin I got an Hey invite if everyone wants it.
Uri Did they literally just start handing out access? I signed up today. Intrigued.
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Uri I found subreply from a link from a link from the hackernewsletter #510. How did you find subreply? (Specifically, the repository of text-only websites: sjmulder.nl/en/tex...).
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📖 Jan The ever increasing digital backlog of "stuff" is stressing me out. Dozens of MOOC courses, hundreds of epubs/PDFs, 1000+ games and a long list of projects are all begging for attention in the 1-2 hours a night I have free to spend as a like. How do you choose?
Uri Prioritize ruthlessly. I set out for myself 3 goals each quarter, then I see how I did at the end of the quarter. I try and do this in my personal life and my professional life.
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