Ivan Minutillo Hello world, so clean!
Derrick Subreply should open source itself
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💻 Kernel We need to spam a little more before that happens.
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🔻 Trinity china's hardly a communist country in its modern form. more like a very authoritarian capitalism.
Derrick authoritarian: bingo - not saying there is a perfect 'system' but at least capitalism allows some potential for independence from an authoritarian state by means of accumulating wealth for oneself (ie- to escape or pay bribes to live comfortably within). Either way, the point is - you give your power (tax dollars, freedoms) to any 'system' and it will be used against you; if not now then later by opportunistic infiltrators.
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🔻 Trinity a lot of those numbers are overblown but you're right in that the previous (well-known) implementations of communism were atrocious. but that's not really a realistic fear, is it? dozens of authors smarter than you or me have published books detailing war crimes committed by the USSR and chinese states, i haven't heard of them being eliminated in such a manner
Derrick haven't you seen what is going on in HK right now? Seems 10k+ are missing since the commie takeover that went hot last year. Communism is a veil for targeted genocide against people with knowledge and intellectual capacity.
🔻 Trinity ah nah man, as a commie i can tell you: if someone wants to kill you for knowing something, they aren't a communist. the whole point is for knowledge to belong to the people
Derrick knowledge of the tens of millions of innocent Russians killed under Soviet 'revolutionary' communism? Or the tens of millions more Chinese killed under Mao's international financed communism?
🚀 Jason Lex What's the thing you hate most about mainstream social media?
Derrick coordinated censorship, propaganda & astroturfing by state funded/mafia cartels
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Miso What's one thing you are currently scared about?
Derrick being eliminated by commie cultists for simply having the knowledge of their crimes