Wandering but not lost
~ 23y old
Prince life advice to your 22 year-old self? doesn't matter if you're younger or older than 22 at the moment.
🚀 Jason Lex Invest in Crypto
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🚀 Jason Lex What's the thing you hate most about mainstream social media?
✔️ Ja Not much longform or well-thought-out content
🌊 Zero Two content is always hit or miss
Derrick coordinated censorship, propaganda & astroturfing by state funded/mafia cartels
👍 Lorin H. a billion irrelevant ads - I let everyone track me specifically to get proper targeting and I still repeatedly get kickstarter scams and irrelevant stuff. It's as if advertisers don't care how to target properly.
🎯 Gallium Oxide The 7 megabytes of Javascript and 7 seconds it takes to load a page. I genuinely wonder what it's doing, considering how shit the underlying algorithms really are (both for serving relevant ads and surfacing interesting content).
📉 Bill Everyone is trying to *out - do* everyone else. It's all a game of "how much can i make everyone else jealous of me"
Minh Do The promise of communication that doesn't result in any real communication. It's empty. A skeuomorphic version of talking isn't talking.
🏎️ Fast too many external articles. not enough original thoughts.
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