Wandering but not lost
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Prince life advice to your 22 year-old self? doesn't matter if you're younger or older than 22 at the moment.
🚀 Jason Lex Invest in Crypto
🚀 Jason Lex What's the thing you hate most about mainstream social media?
Omar Khan pictures /avatar sometimes get in the way of discussions and ideas
Xy compared to 90's and early 00's internet, it feels impossible to create meaningful interactions with strangers
🔮 Liv It dangles the promise of connecting with other people and ruins any chance of that happening by making both parties do it on a global stage.
Bat How fucking stupid everyone is.
Niccolo Machiavelli I don't really "hate" I find amusing to observer co-dependent relationships between sociopath narcissists and their enablers
🎣 Fish the need to be one thing
⚒️ Dopu the likes. the performance.
⚾ Tbeseda The info-overload when I check out my timeline.