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🏒 Lucian Marin I used Gemini AI in Google IDX on github.com/lucianm... and requested a new Python benchmark function. It delivered and also changed the code to run with ThreadPoolExecutor. I didn't run the code. AI is amazing at this sort of complex repetitive problems. IDX does the same things for coding that Figma does for designing. I want an iPad Mini running native Chrome browser so I can work from anywhere.
🐸 Simon I know this is a bit of an old post, but after living the iPad life for a bit I'm so glad to be back on a *real* computer man...
🏒 Lucian Marin I walked 23 km today. Rheumatologist told me not to hurt myself until this year is over. If I stay inside, I feel pain all day long. If I go outside, I feel less pain. Pain is moving from one joint to the other. I joined support groups for reactive arthritis on Facebook, people there lived with it for 25 years.
🐸 Simon Wish you the best!
🐸 Simon Why are Discord and Slack two different apps? They work and feel so similarly. Are the needs of "communities" different from those of a "company"?
🏒 Lucian Marin Laptop is in service. I don't know what my next laptop will be, but M2 Air is a mess. I wish it had a native resolution at 2x like M1 Pro. But I don't like M1 Pro because is heavy (1.6 kg). I'm looking at Lenovo Yoga and LG Gram at 14-inches to run Fedora.
🐸 Simon Yeah the latest Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 with Ryzen 6000 series are amazing. High-refresh rate OLED panels, RDNA 2 graphics, good design, stellar battery life. A friend of mine has been trying to get his hands on one but sadly they're out of stock everywhere!
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🌜 Milkman Riot Yeah it's hard to justify the cost of teams with experience in all platforms, not to mention the cost of code ownership itself. I do like coding in Swift anf Kotlin, though!
🐸 Simon Never tried Kotlin but it looks like such an improvement from regular Java! Java makes for a great language to learn early on, its verbosity is very pedagogical, but man is it exhausting on the long run. Still kind of hate the fact that Android apps need a full blown JVM, you shouldn't need 12 GB of RAM in a phone to keep several apps alive when multitasking...
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🏒 Lucian Marin For feed I fetch ids of friends and pass them as filter to entries table. The only optimization here is that you friend yourself when you register. With Subreply and github.com/lucianm... I want to prove that Python can be fast enough for real world usage.
🐸 Simon Python is reasonably fast, and definitely fast enough for the web, are people still not past the "Python is slow" meme?
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🗿 Jonah Tim ferris style question: best purchase of around 100USD (or equivalent currency) or less? I'll start. kindle paperwhite, read it every day before bed.
🐸 Simon A 1L (32 oz) HydroFlask (approx. $50): the best water bottle I've ever had, can keep anything cool regardless of the temperature. Nothing ear (1) earphones ($99), good earphones with great noise-cancelling and amazing price. A Moment telephoto objective ($50) to use with my phone.
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🌜 Milkman Riot Native or Cross-platform? i.e. Kotlin/Swft vs Flutter/React-Native/Xamarin
🐸 Simon The best user experience is undeniably native: performance will be better, the app will feel more at home and embrace platform-specific conventions. But it's unfortunately unsustainable: you're essentially multiplying the number of apps and the amount of code by the number of platforms you support, and you have to have skills and culture in all the platforms. So as much as I'd love to have great looking libadwaita apps on GNOME and awesome native Mac apps on my Mac, I'd have to say realistically cross-platform is the way to go.
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😀 Tom I'm an idiot. So a while back I figured out how to get my Windows and Ubuntu partitions to share the same Bluetooth mouse without repairing it each time (the instructions online did not work), and now that I re-installed Ubuntu, I forgot how exactly I did it. I could have just copied the config, but I didn't think to. Here's to another X hours trying to figure it out again :-/
🐸 Simon This happened to me so many times! Losing all my config after messing up my Linux install, I've become paranoid and now just keep up a personal wiki with all my ultra specific config so I don't have to tweak stuff and dig up old StackOverflow topics for hours. Good luck brother
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🏒 Lucian Marin I wanted to replace my 2018 MBA with an LG Gram 14 because keyboard is broken. Then I was thinking about messing up config files on Linux and I gave up. I have to pay around $175 to replace the keyboard. MBA M2 is way too expensive in Europe.
🐸 Simon I don't know what the second-hand market is like in Bucharest but here if you wait for a couple of months you can get really good deals on new Apple stuff (I got the 14-inch MBP for EUR1500 a few months ago). But it's true that if your keyboard is broken and you need an immediate replacement that is not really an option.
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