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🏒 Lucian Marin Why I changed the sidebar design? To improve one hand usage on mobile devices, especially on the Android app (, to reduce the gray color in design and to make sure content stands out and doesn't depend on sidebar layout.
🐓 Mega I kind-of miss the gray but do what you think is best.
🏒 Lucian Marin Actually, it's worst than that. It destroys long-term relationships for profit.
🐓 Mega How does it do that? Are you talking about relationships made through the app or previous relationships?
🐓 Mega To me, having the register button be a credit card gives off the wrong idea
🏒 Lucian Marin Got a clipboard ready. Hopefully potential new members will hear you out. :)
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♦️ Robert Blinov Copyright expiration is always a happy time to read and build upon wonderful works for free.
🐓 Mega Is there any easy way to find out what copyrights have recently expired?
🏒 Lucian Marin Try Washington, United States. It works. I will try to match location by city name alone.
🐓 Mega I just edited my post saying this lol. I could do that but it's not really the same. I guess I'm just picky.
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🐓 Mega Tried to edit my profile; I don't think I can set "Washington, DC" as my city, how would I do it? (I guess I could just put "Washington" but it's not really the same since it's in the District of Columbia.
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🏒 Lucian Marin Try Washington, United States. It works. I will try to match location by city name alone.
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Zero Edge Just fyi, from an employer: If you have no work history from about May 2020 - September 2021, you look like a lazy who sat on the sidelines while the majority of us worked our butts off. Gives off a bad impression. Probably better to make something up for those dates..
🐓 Mega "Worked on personal projects" lol
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☝️ Jean-David Moisan I'm using it for my game, the controls are like StarCraft or League of Legends where you click somewhere to make your character move there. --- Here is how the algorithm looks when it's searching for a path. This all happens instantly.
🐓 Mega That's really cool! I'm looking forwards to seeing more on this :)
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☝️ Jean-David Moisan I've been recoding my free space pathfinding algorithm. It's so cool!
🐓 Mega That's really cool! Are you going to use it for something or is it just for fun? Also, can it go around both boxes at once?
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🏒 Lucian Marin Tesla Bot is a genius AI pivot from Elon Musk. A self-driving car has unlimited degrees of freedom and the only way to reduce them is to have smart roads. Where robots can be trained to replace all workers in a warehouse for exemple. This way you keep adding specific degrees of freedom you train robots for. Also, the Bot will increase entropy in the AI field more than a fully autonomous car.
🐓 Mega I think that I agree that it's going to help more than harm, but dang is that this a bit creepy. Thankfully it's not uncanny valley creepy and more just.. ominous.
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🐓 Mega Has anyone tried Windows 11 yet? I'm thinking about joining the beta or whatever they call it.
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Zero Edge If you buy crypto for "short term gains" you are the greater fool.
🐓 Mega how would you even.. aren't there pretty much no short term gains in crypto?
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🐓 Mega Is there a way to change what your little profile button is? Mine just says "meg" and I'd think it would be cool if it could be your chosen emoji.
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🏒 Lucian Marin So if user.emoji: logo = user.emoji else: logo = user.username[:3] but not sure everyone would like it.
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😃 Javier my favorite editor[copy paste in your favorite browser url bar] data:text/html, <body contenteditable style="background-color:white;color:black; font: 2rem/1.5 monospace;max-width:60rem color:white ;margin:0 auto;padding:4rem;">
🐓 Mega First thing I've saved on subreply, now I get it.
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🔻 Trinity they get better! you have to start somewhere. can always lop it all off and go for the mr clean look
🐓 Mega I've heard this style gets ALL the ladies - or guys
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Vokha Best Bitcoin Casino Website:
🐓 Mega I didn't even know bitcoin casinos were a thing. I guess I'm not surprised.
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