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Excellent panel/discussion on the problems of modern cosmology and quantum measurement. Must watch for those interested and if you have time (1h+ video).
I've just found out that the older posts of Sublevel are truncated at 480 characters when these are longer (to be expected of course). Just for that, you would have a good reason to bring back the old 640 characters limit (or a bit more maybe? But probably under a thousand to remain tidy)... I know most of the posts were shorter but a good amount were full length. Would be nice to have those back. But that's just me. Your call... ;)
Just saw that the edit function came back. Very nice! Thanks!
I saw I can't access my older threads in my Profile as well as my older replies. Shouldn't it be a "load more" button or a page system like before? Same on the main Feed, Replying, Replies or Search... Didn't pay attention to it until a few days ago... Or their is a problem with my browser...
For fun I was going to scrape data and catalogue it on as a little pet project. Older links are all accessible still so it's just a matter of accessing each one (I think there are ~22k posts based on the data-id number on the save button). We could definitely view posts by person if we wanted to in the case that wants to keep this minimal as it is now
Better than before, always. Enjoy the pagination!
Check out the awesome quality of animation on this ongoing Warhammer 40K fan film project, "Astartes". There are 5 mini episodes currently...
There has been a couple depiction of the Apollo 11 landing in a TV show and movie but it was generally too much dramatized (which is understandable to some extent, as it is mainly entertainment). Nothing compares to the real deal though... For the few space buffs here (somewhere?), watch the Apollo 11 landing from PDI to touchdown. It really was an incredible achievement.
Are you going to put back the donation button in the settings? Was practical to donate and keep track. Not a big deal anyway, we can do without it...
This is an old video I posted more than 3 years ago on Sublevel about how bad modern art is... It is interesting, short and goes by fast. Thought I would post it again. Here:
Interesting quote found on quitfacebook... "Our brains are no match for our technology". But our technology is a direct result of our brains. So, put it very simply, is it matching when we do good things with it and not matching when we do bad things? Any thoughts?
This when user experience field started, user interfaces weren't enough to tackle all human-computer interactions.
Technology is a form of art, formalized after N iterations. I doubt we can judge technology only in terms of STEM (utility). Morality is disconnected from technology per se as it's only a result of using it. Therefore, I would extend your argument into question whether human is inherently evil because he finds a way to misuse technology?
Technology is an extension of thought and "nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." One just chooses how one wants to think, this creates the value judgement.
It's funny that you mention that. I think part of my attraction to the idea of a "text only" social media site is due to the fact that the presence of image or video content somehow drowns out my attention with regard to the text content of sites. One trick that I've discovered is that when browsing with the Lynx or Elinks text mode browsers I find myself spending all of my time reading rather than being sucked in by various multimedia.
Our brains are complex. Kahneman points out two different thinking systems on his book Thinking fast and slow. They operate differently depending on situation.
Technology lets us concentrate and combine mental energy. I could beat any chess AI if the developer were only allowed 30 seconds to write it, but if the developer has weeks or months to concentrate chess/AI strategy and persist it in a well tested program... The invested mental energy adds up and overcomes the natural condition.
Finally, and that is just me being maybe paranoid, I found, while going into the settings of Opera, that it is under a EULA. While Brave is released under a Mozilla Public Licence 2. Not a big deal, but if I can avoid one EULA... Again, probably not a good reason not too use Opera ; that's just me preferring the Brave features on my device for day to day use. But on a tablet, I guess it would be great...
Opera is owned by a Chinese company. I highly recommend Firefox eith uBlock Origin over Brave.
Besides that, Brave let me return on the home screen while maintaining YouTube (audio) playback, which is nice if I want to exit Brave for whatever reason and still just listening to the audio track. I could do a split screen or PiP I guess, it works, but it is only a 5 inches display and it's a bit cumbersome and slower to operate...
Tried out Opera a bit... The dark and tablet modes are very good indeed! Unfortunately when I increase the text size (Subreply font size is much to small on my device for my eyes) it works in browser of course but not with the webapp shortcut that I like to use. It works both with Brave. I also can't increase the system font too much because it then becomes too weird... It's a veey minor gripe but I prefer Brave for that. But YouTube in dark mode looks great on Opera.
Got an old Samsung Galaxy S4 with a sluggish Android 4.4 and bloated Samsung softs... Install a custom ROM based on Android 10.0 ... And it runs really well, aside from few instabilities I add (reboots when an application doesn't like the ROM). Not perfect but the phone as a new life...
I recommend using Opera on Android with "Tablet" app layout. It works like a mini desktop browser. Its night mode is even better than Dark Reader extension.
Sent you a few bucks, check your Paypal. You should have received it...
Yes, thank you! They will go to the cloud hosting bill.
So Lucian, what's the plan for the future of Subreply and Dubfi (not using the latter...)? They are very similar. Do you plan to keep both? Any new features on the map for Subreply (images, donation option, etc)? Sublevel was pretty nice imho...
I follow people's wishes, wanted replies on Dub-Fi so Subreply happened. :) About new features, 3 emojis for status? Maybe. Edit? Sure thing. But this is it. I like the domain. I like the focus on replies. I like the code behind it. I can maintain it.
I meant... Your iMac (not MBP)...