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🏒 Lucian Marin There's a link for saved content on each profile.
☕ David Antoine Did you remove the "saved" post/reply list? I see there is still the option to save a post or reply but I can't find anymore my saved list... Am I missing something?
🏒 Lucian Marin There's a link for saved content on each profile.
☕ David Antoine Interesting YT channel, worth to watch...
☕ David Antoine Artemis 1 launch tomorrow. Must watch for those interested, time permitting... Launch will be flawless hopefully! Backup dates are September 2nd and 5th I think.
🏒 Lucian Marin Laptop is in service. I don't know what my next laptop will be, but M2 Air is a mess. I wish it had a native resolution at 2x like M1 Pro. But I don't like M1 Pro because is heavy (1.6 kg). I'm looking at Lenovo Yoga and LG Gram at 14-inches to run Fedora.
☕ David Antoine HP Dev One maybe ? Shipped with Pop! OS...
😀 Tom holy f... I had over 4,100 tabs open in Firefox for Android. I had to copy them out in groups of 100 so I didn't crash the app.
☕ David Antoine 4100 tabs opened !? Are you OK Tom ? 😜
♦️ Robert Blinov All the additional electromagnetic frequencies generated by them will be no good for human health.
☕ David Antoine Most certainly. It's not going to improve for sure. Especially in cities...
Zero Edge I don't see how FSD makes mistakes like this. It should know the lanes from the mountains of data it is has... You can't afford to have edge cases for FSD:
☕ David Antoine I don't remember where I read about this but the Tesla FSD is only a level 2 autonomous driving system. Only Mercedes as a level 3 car. And real full autonomy is level 5... There is a long road ahead (pun intended). I think it can work only if every car is automated at the same level and "speaking" with other cars for positioning and awareness. A bit like the TCAS for aircrafts...
Nolan Blaming the unvaxxed seems equally easy to me as blaming the corrupt government. My two cents.
☕ David Antoine Fair point. It's easy to blame of course, but blaming the unvaxxed, now a minority, when the majority still spread the virus, and it's a mess, is a special kind of dishonesty. Imho. More so as they change the definition of non-vaxxed as they see fit. Soon the double vaxxed will be unvaxxed. And so on. Corruption runs deep with incredible nepotism and patronage here. A few have been convicted in the past but most of our politicians are above laws (like everywhere else I guess) and still enjoy their conflicts of interest and other shenanigans . They are the people who cut fundings and closed hospitals here years before this pandemic.
Nolan I don't know everyone's individual vaccination status but from those I do, I'd say that the disease progression is much easier for the vaccinated ones. Not an expert in the field though.
☕ David Antoine In Belgium the Delta accounts for 3% now, I think. It's full Omicron. So the actual vaccines probably aren't doing much, as they target the original Spike RNA, ignoring the rest of the genetic makeup of the virus. Plus, I don't want ending up with severe adverse effects or dead. So, I don't want to risk that. Makes me a bad guy according to our corrupt government. Hopefully, safer virus inactivated or attenuated vaccines will be available. Soon? And that mess was written on the wall anyway, with the pre-pandemic chronic underfunded state of the heathcare system here and in most EU countries. But of course, let's blame the unvaxxed.
☕ David Antoine Found this very well done (for the budget) short sci-fi mini series, ATROPA. Seven episodes, about 10 min each. For those who want to give it at try...
☕ David Antoine For those who like sci-fi, "The Silent Sea" is a great watch ... It's Korean. There is an English dubbed version but I didn't liked it, so I watched it in Korean with English subtitles...
♦️ Robert Blinov Subtitles are always better than dubbing.
🏒 Lucian Marin I fixed this too: 5 pixels margin instead of the space character.
☕ David Antoine Looks better :)
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🏒 Lucian Marin I introduced a profile ratio between replies sent and replies received. I hope it will balance out the network in 2022. I know some of you asked me for numbers on profiles, but a ratio is better than karma or popularity counts.
☕ David Antoine Interesting , thanks!
🏒 Lucian Marin The new profile summary block fixes this issue.
☕ David Antoine More space between Profile, Social and Account in the settings would look better imho. That's the only thing that bothers me visually but I've not checked on the desktop version, I'm looking at it in the mobile format... EDIT : same on desktop...
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😌 Ismail argh I've found this network again! I forgot the name unfortunately and I vaguely remembered that this was from HN. I searched "text based social media" and boom. I'm back here again. Hello people, again !
☕ David Antoine Hi there! Welcome again...