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Interesting video on the Texas power grid failure...
Found a pretty funny Sci-fi short film :)
Almost human? MetaHuman Creator: High-Fidelity Digital Humans Made Easy | Unreal Engine -
That's pretty freaky. Imagine seeing yourself doing something horrible that you know you didn't do, but it's so realistic you couldn't tell it wasn't real. At least movies could use it I guess.
Have some of you watched 'Love Death & Robots'? I'm at ep.7 'Beyond the Aquila Rift'. Of all the characters, you can see they put a lot of resources to the modeling and animation of Greta (based on American actress Madeleine Knight). The result is pretty astonishing. I was impressed. The uncanny valley is much more present w/ the others. Also made me want to read the novels. It's pretty incredible to see what VFX studios are capable to do now (provided talent and resources).
Google Photo is terminating its unlimited photo storage option in a few months. It's a bummer, that was pretty nice and their algorithm to automatically reduce the picture resolution to 16 Mpix is very efficient,the quality is very good. But maybe it's a good time to look for another photo hosting website... Possibly free. DeviantArt seems to be a good alternative. Unlimited storage, with just a limit of 30 Mbyte maximum per picture. Any suggestions?
Anyone watched Starship SN8 test flight live? Was awesome (for space nerds). I'm excited for SN9 flight, soon enough. Hopefully it will stick the landing...
A bit late but happy new year to everyone!
Best wishes to you too (:
I just mentioned on my microblog that in Brazil everybody says the country only gets started after Carnaval. So you're on time down here.
Excellent panel/discussion on the problems of modern cosmology and quantum measurement. Must watch for those interested and if you have time (1h+ video).
I've just found out that the older posts of Sublevel are truncated at 480 characters when these are longer (to be expected of course). Just for that, you would have a good reason to bring back the old 640 characters limit (or a bit more maybe? But probably under a thousand to remain tidy)... I know most of the posts were shorter but a good amount were full length. Would be nice to have those back. But that's just me. Your call... ;)
Just saw that the edit function came back. Very nice! Thanks!
I saw I can't access my older threads in my Profile as well as my older replies. Shouldn't it be a "load more" button or a page system like before? Same on the main Feed, Replying, Replies or Search... Didn't pay attention to it until a few days ago... Or their is a problem with my browser...
For fun I was going to scrape data and catalogue it on as a little pet project. Older links are all accessible still so it's just a matter of accessing each one (I think there are ~22k posts based on the data-id number on the save button). We could definitely view posts by person if we wanted to in the case that wants to keep this minimal as it is now
Better than before, always. Enjoy the pagination!
Check out the awesome quality of animation on this ongoing Warhammer 40K fan film project, "Astartes". There are 5 mini episodes currently...
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