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🏒 Lucian Marin I installed Subreply as an web app on Android using Chrome. It's so cool. I need to update the About page.
☕ David Antoine Done that with Brave as well ... So same as Chrome anyway...
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🏒 Lucian Marin You must play this game.
☕ David Antoine Nice little game... Took me at least 5 min before solving the engine room problem, I didn't spotted the clues right away. I suck at games...
On the topic of Artemis, here is a speech on why the current approach may not yield a good outcome. The author of the video did a very good job explaining the seemingly unnecessary risks the actual mission planning poses. In front of an official NASA audience... A must watch.
🏒 Lucian Marin David, why isn't this posted on ?
A relaxing and pretty special eclipse simulator that can show you eclipses in different part of the solar system with different combinations of planets versus satellites... 🌙 There are other nifty little simulations to check out on this same website.
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☕ David Antoine A relaxing and pretty special eclipse simulator that can show you eclipses in different part of the solar system with different combinations of planets versus satellites... There are other nifty little simulations to check out on this same website.
🏒 Lucian Marin David, why isn't this posted on ?
🏒 Lucian Marin I revamped all things related to groups and hashtags. Hashtag is a reference to a group. You can post and reply inside a group. I need to code a way to automatically create a group when you use a new hashtag. I think the best way to describe Subreply is having Twitter and Reddit in one social network.
☕ David Antoine I was wondering, maybe use a different symbol or two hashtags for a group... Wouldn't it be better to have groups separated from simple hashtags? If anything, to use simple hashtags for a trending option based on it for example (if Subreply explodes in popularity one day, hopefully)... Not sure though, that's a stupid idea maybe...
☕ David Antoine VFX Artists React by Corridor Crew on the CGI and filming methods used for the movie "The Creator". Very interesting...
🏒 Lucian Marin We don't longer have four seasons in Europe. It's six months of cold and six months of heat. It's not summer and winter, we need new names for the two seasons.
☕ David Antoine June solstice and December solstice. Or North Solstice and South Solstice...
☕ David Antoine Swedish fintech Klarna CEO says its AI assistant does the work of 700 people after it laid off 700 people two years prior... Is this the start of a new golden era for capitalism and an even more unhinged version of it? How much poverty can be created at the behest of capital owners before the remaining workforce, and the purchasing power attached to it, become reduced enough to impact the bottom line their corporations? I don't know... Not every country as a trillion euros sovereign-wealth fund to chill for the future, like Norway.
☕ David Antoine EMO: Emote Portrait Alive - Generating Expressive Portrait Videos with Audio2Video Diffusion Model under Weak Conditions: humanaigc.github.i...
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Zero Edge I've seen the total solar eclipse but had not thought of using a pair of binoculars. I might try that out if I can make it to the one we should be experiencing soon. I suppose you're right that the sun would be too blocked out to experience any burn of the retina during the total eclipse.
☕ David Antoine You'll be fine and you won't regret it, just don't get carried out by the spectacle and stop watching at it when you know that the end of the total phase approaches. Always Keep that in mind, you don't want to be on the binoculars when the first ray of light pops out from the lunar limb... Besides, as you experienced it, it is wonderful to enter and leave the total phase by soaking in the abrupt change in the surrounding environment with your naked eyes.
Zero Edge If you stared straight at a total eclipse with no protection you might burn the retina of your eyes. The burn would not be the same kind of burn you would receive from staring straight at the sun (which would be a filled circle) but instead would be a thin outline of a circle. I wonder if a person with this type of burn would have differing psychological traits than others. I wonder if they would be able to visually focus on things better than others considering they have a boundary circle permanently within their vision. I wonder if it changed the culture of peoples of ancient times if they happened stare at a total eclipse...
☕ David Antoine Looking directly at the sun is unsafe except during the brief total phase of a solar eclipse, when the moon entirely blocks the sun's apparent disk. You have to be careful not to look at the sun in any other circumstances. During a total solar eclipse maximum phase, you can even look at it with binoculars, it's incredible. But you have to be aware of the time and stop staring at it when the end of the total phase approaches. A "thin outline of a circle" burn would probably occur if you have the bad idea of looking at an annular eclipse during the max phase, with binoculars and no protection. Having eye burn damage suck. Zero uplift.
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🏒 Lucian Marin I used all possible blocks and ended up with Regent International Center.
🏒 Lucian Marin I stared multiple times at the sun. I don't think the burn is permanent.
☕ David Antoine I hope for you... My eyesight is pretty "fragile", I've to be careful not to expose my eyes to a very concentrated bright light or I get permanent burns, which I already have. Not too bad overall, just annoying. But the apprehension is a bit stressful sometimes. LED lights are a nightmare for me. I curse them.
☕ David Antoine OpenAI... Better and better. And, potentially more and more problematic in the very near future. That level of progress on generative AI makes me wonder if we aren't just putting the foot on the gas without even thinking about the potential consequences. Especially with a suspicious CEO at the helm... What could go wrong?