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🏒 Lucian Marin My only hope these days is and I don't know when I will get better. I got over the acute phase, I can walk with lots of pain now.
☕ David Antoine Hope you'll get better soon enough...
☕ David Antoine I have an invite code for Bluesky if anyone's interested...
👨‍💻 Matthieu V. I'm curious to try ! You'll find some ways to message me on my Subreply profile if you're willing to gift me this code :)
☕ David Antoine That's... Almost not surprising.
☕ David Antoine Out of curiosity, anyone on the Nostr network? Seems to get a lot of traction lately... Whether it will succeed or not is another story as always, the social network landscape is overcrowded.
Zero Edge So your argument is that a highly complex system always existed (the laws of physics as you put it) but that isn't the only complex system you think always existed you believe every system including weather, life (birth), the complexities of the quantum realm, fire, and way more that I can't think of. Nothing in this universe is 'simple'. That is fine you believe a complex system always existed. I believe a extremely complex system always existed and it gave birth to our complex system. How exactly does your belief require any less faith than mine?
☕ David Antoine I don't know if I should consider the laws of physics as a highly complex system in itself as physicists still don't know exactly what's fundamental and what's emergent. QM for example describes reality with probabilities while ensuring they strictly sum to 1 and is all constraint by the Pythagoras theorem and the imaginary number. They call it the unitarity. Simple basics, complex world. Same for life down the road, provided you have the right initial conditions. I just watched this, he talks about why is there something rather than nothing better then me and it is obsoletely not trivial:
☕ David Antoine Awesome commercial (that's rare) about a railway company in Japan... It also shows how committed they were to get it done and the CGI involved was not used as you would initially think when watching the clip...
Zero Edge You literally believe the same thing either way. Either something always existed or something came from nothing. You believe a highly complex system that is capable of self replication and capable of creating complex systems such as life itself popped into existence. Just the simple interaction such as "this early particle interacted with this early particle to create a reaction" is belief that something existed (a fundamental structure at the very least). Our system is complex and no matter how you try to explain it you either believe: Something came from nothing, or something always existed.
☕ David Antoine How that system capable of self replication started initially is one of the most difficult problem scientists are trying solve. It probably took several hundred millions of years and countless false starts to initiate in its simplest form and did not just "popped into existence". Finding other replication pathways with unique other life forms maybe in our own solar system may help in solving how it started. And that purely scientific endeavor works with or without God. Creationism doesn't work without God. Even if our civilization would disappear and then restart somehow fresh, the laws of physics will remain the same. Not religion.
🏒 Lucian Marin If they allow alternative browsers then I might buy an iPad Mini after all.
☕ David Antoine For Europe only yes. Apparently. But I don't know how they will implement it without cutting in their revenue cow that the App Store is... Will see.
Zero Edge The big bang got debunked before creationism did....
☕ David Antoine For the big bang to be debunked you would need one or more irreconcilable observations with the current model. And probably some kind of new quantum gravity theory to explain what happened at the singularity. Provided you can make sense of time and find a physical equivalent of the mathematical infinite that the singularity represents. Creationism is just religious nonsense. At least the Bible's fundamentalist literal interpretation of the creation. Believing there is a super power at the origins of the universe itself is something I relate to spiritually but doesn't make me reject science. Both are not mutually exclusive for me.
🏒 Lucian Marin There's a link for saved content on each profile.
☕ David Antoine Did you remove the "saved" post/reply list? I see there is still the option to save a post or reply but I can't find anymore my saved list... Am I missing something?
🏒 Lucian Marin There's a link for saved content on each profile.
☕ David Antoine Interesting YT channel, worth to watch...
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☕ David Antoine Artemis 1 launch tomorrow. Must watch for those interested, time permitting... Launch will be flawless hopefully! Backup dates are September 2nd and 5th I think.
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🏒 Lucian Marin Laptop is in service. I don't know what my next laptop will be, but M2 Air is a mess. I wish it had a native resolution at 2x like M1 Pro. But I don't like M1 Pro because is heavy (1.6 kg). I'm looking at Lenovo Yoga and LG Gram at 14-inches to run Fedora.
☕ David Antoine HP Dev One maybe ? Shipped with Pop! OS...
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😀 Tom holy f... I had over 4,100 tabs open in Firefox for Android. I had to copy them out in groups of 100 so I didn't crash the app.
☕ David Antoine 4100 tabs opened !? Are you OK Tom ? 😜
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