Henry Tejera Great! Are you planning to release your engine?
🥨 Stephen Niedzielski All the code is open-sourced here: github.com/oidoid. Most of the engine is in /void. It's really only useful to others as a reference, not reuse.
Zero Edge So your argument is that a highly complex system always existed (the laws of physics as you put it) but that isn't the only complex system you think always existed you believe every system including weather, life (birth), the complexities of the quantum realm, fire, and way more that I can't think of. Nothing in this universe is 'simple'. That is fine you believe a complex system always existed. I believe a extremely complex system always existed and it gave birth to our complex system. How exactly does your belief require any less faith than mine?
☕ David Antoine I don't know if I should consider the laws of physics as a highly complex system in itself as physicists still don't know exactly what's fundamental and what's emergent. QM for example describes reality with probabilities while ensuring they strictly sum to 1 and is all constraint by the Pythagoras theorem and the imaginary number. They call it the unitarity. Simple basics, complex world. Same for life down the road, provided you have the right initial conditions. I just watched this, he talks about why is there something rather than nothing better then me and it is obsoletely not trivial: youtube.com/watch?...
☕ David Antoine Awesome commercial (that's rare) about a railway company in Japan... It also shows how committed they were to get it done and the CGI involved was not used as you would initially think when watching the clip... youtube.com/watch?...
🙍🏻‍♂️ Vasanth V. Apple will allow sideloading apps with iOS 17 techcrunch.com/202...
🏒 Lucian Marin If they allow alternative browsers then I might buy an iPad Mini after all.
🏒 Lucian Marin Subreply is mentioned on plaintextworld.com among other cool sites.
😀 Tom I saw it when it was up, it looked good. nokiamob.net/2023/...
🏒 Lucian Marin Nokia Pure (nokiapure.com) is pretty similar to design language on Subreply. I might adopt some of their ideas.
😀 Tom Looks interesting, we shall see.
Kartik Agaram I'm 7 years late discovering this mind-bending 20-minute talk: ted.com/talks/dona...
🏒 Lucian Marin Mastodon is going really well (lapcatsoftware.com...), actually not. Twitter doesn't have third party apps anymore.
👽 Paul Webb What a mess. I'm using Mastodon via Ivory (same devs from Tweetbot) and it's a wonderful experience.
🥨 Stephen Niedzielski ♣️♦️ Super Patience is now live! It's only pixelated solitaire, but it's the first game I've finished using my own engine. Play at superpatience.com! ♥️♠️
👽 Paul Webb This is very well done. I've never been used to Solitaire with 3 cards but I'm enjoying this and the aesthetic you've created. EDIT: I've yet to win.
Henry Tejera Great! Are you planning to release your engine?
🥨 Stephen Niedzielski My solitaire pixel game is feature complete! Illustrations are not done but you can take a sneak peek: sublimesolitaire.com.
😀 Tom I just use Subreply on my phone, and the user interface is more confusing that Twitter's. Subreply could have had a chance if Lucian changed it a while back when it was brought up by several users, but Lucian liked the way it was. I am curious if Subreply could scale though. I think the ship has sailed to Mastadon instances. At this point, Subreply would have to do something that Mastadon does not deliver on, that people want.
🏒 Lucian Marin Unfortunately, Tom is taken on Subculture instance (subculture.chat/@tom).
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🤔 Eamonn Mchugh-roohr Ok, here's something, my very small static site generator. Which is to say, it's Jinja2 and 16 lines of python to stick a yaml config into it: github.com/EamonnM...
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Zero Edge polymarket.com = valuable data
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♟️ Inverse Replica unpopular opinions at its best
🏒 Lucian Marin Even "my mcdonalds order" playlist open.spotify.com/p... sounds better with ketchup.