Geospatial data pipeline engineer ~ 34y old
🦧 Simon Gray Just realised my SD slots are more universally compatible on my devices than various gens of USB
🐥 Jacob Chapman maybe for 2GB? sdhc and sdxc cards won't work unless the sd slot supports it
😀 Tom After assembling all my open tab URLs from Firefox for Android that I saved over the past two or three years, deduplicated them, and deleted the garbage URLs, I have over 11,000 URLs I've saved from my phone. 7,000 of them are just from HN alone.
🐥 Jacob Chapman You could open a small number of URLs each day. Here is how I do it on the desktop on Android and here is how I sort my tabs: pip install xklb && library cluster-sort tabs.txt sorted_tabs.txt
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🐥 Jacob Chapman woah I accidentally discovered this site again. life update: I made a CLI alternative to Plex
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Runlevelrobot Anybody know of any frameworks for blogging that allows for text based only blogs? I really love this
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🐥 Jacob Chapman The Whole City of Florence Could Fit Inside an Atlanta Interchange. usa.streetsblog.or...
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