Doug Is there any way to change or edit one's username here?
Ray Not sure.
8y, 36w 1 reply
Doug Heard some nice tracks this evening on SomaFM. More new music for my upcoming podcasts.
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Ray I've never tried SomaFM. Will do so soon.
8y, 36w reply
Ray Yes! It's awesome. Well done.
Doug Very well done
8y, 36w reply
Ray Nice, fresh new design here on Sublevel.
Doug I like it!
8y, 36w reply
Doug About to head out into some gorgeous weather.
8y, 39w reply ¬
Doug I think I'm going to start blogging more,,,general topic matter, as I when I started back in '07.
8y, 39w reply ¬
Ray There's a small and growing movement known as the "IndieWeb"
Doug Investigating..stay tuned!
8y, 39w reply
Vajra OK. Found out how to do it. So easy. Note to self: open thine eye Cyclops.
Doug Hello...I saw another post here about simply logging in via your phone browser. Is that what you've discovered? I, too, searched for an app to no avail.
8y, 40w reply
Doug Barebones and minimalistic, . Let's see how she flies.
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Doug Hi all. Ray, thanks for the intro
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Ray is here too
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