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I can't seem to use the flag emojis on this site. Is that intentional?
On the profile status or reply box? For reply box there's an unicode to ascii converter. All emojis should work for profiles excluding duplicates.
Life tip: take a photo before potentially meaningful events (like meeting someone new for the first time) to use as a visual reference in the future
That's a good idea. I find music in that sense similar too. If I listen to a specific song before a meaningful event, I can listen to that song again and recall the event easily.
Interesting term I heard today: "Aperspectival madness" encyclopedia.uia.o...
This encyclopaedia is a great place to look for a target in your life
Most names have interesting meanings. Michael means "who is like god?" Nikhil means "without boundaries". What does your name mean?
I am fastidious. That's all. :-)
kernel panic is something we don't like to see, kernel pancakes though...
It means light, but now I'm confused about its origin, English or Latin.
I am apparently a "joyous warrior" or, "the one who enjoys war". Oh well.
What's your favorite subreddit? Mine is
There are two actually: r/longevity and r/minimalism.
Things we lose in remote work: eye contact, body language, reading the room, running into each other, the mind body connection
Walks to the coffee machine activating our brains
A useful practice: examine a term you've adopted unconsciously and become conscious of it. What meaning does the term have beyond its common use? Define it.
Totally forgot about this place until I received an email today informing me Sublevel is now Subreply