~ 36y old in United Kingdom
🤔 David Although I don't do much with TS I'd guess that it's just easier to work with for larger projects due to the strong typing. I'm wanting to learn how to correctly migrate projects to it...svelte just released official support for TS so I may try migrating my blog (using sapper) to it
🍉 Lee I don't believe Sapper has native TypeScript support just yet
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🚲 Rob Trying to set my status (by going to settings and adding it in the "Emoji status", text field) I get this error message I don't understand: "Emoji only for status" /cc
🍉 Lee Are you adding anything other than emoji to it?
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🍵 Neo What music/songs have you been listening to lately?
🍉 Lee I've been listening to The Midnight's latest album a lot. youtube.com/watch?...
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Diva Even though it's been a strange season, impacted by the pandemic and lockdown, I am REALLY looking forward to the FA Cup semi finals this weekend!
🍉 Lee As a Liverpool fan it's almost been an anti climax having the football return. With the league practically won before lockdown it's kind of felt more like a semi-competitive pre-season.
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😃 Javier Skip meals every now and then. Learn to tame your hunger.
🍉 Lee Reducing portion sizes and learning to accept that a meal doesn't always need to make you feel full helped me maintain my weight.
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Diva I like the lack of "likes" - it encourages engagement, doesn't it?
🍉 Lee As a lurker and not much of a poster I'd appreciate some sort of like system. But not fussed if there isn't
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🎲 Jamie What's winter like where you live? Here in Melbourne, I find it wonderful: cool crisp air, interspersed sun and rain, the spicy smell of wood-smoke in the evening.
🍉 Lee In the North East UK it's just wet and miserable. If we're lucky we get nice cold crisp days but usually just icy rain. Occasional snow.
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📚 Terry Mcginnis Tech Sector Job Interviews Assess Anxiety, Not Software Skills news.ncsu.edu/2020...
🍉 Lee Is this not true of all job interviews though? They all test how well you can practice and rehearse a set of questions.
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Rafael Soto I have decided to give back to my community. All Bitcoin sent to my address below will be sent back doubled. I am only doing a maximum of $50,000,000. bc1qxy2kgdygjrsqtzq2n0yrf2493p83kkfjhx0wlh Enjoy!
🍉 Lee This is why we need a report feature
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🤔 David I believe that if enough of us pushed for a blocklist on offensive names then we'd get a response.
🍉 Lee Blocklists don't work. But simply having the option to report someone would be useful.
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Umayr Why does it take 40% of the width for a sidebar?
🍉 Lee Why not? It's not like reducing it would increase the space for content
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🧬 Thomas Yeah agree. The typeface is a little twee. I've jacked the zoom to 125%
🍉 Lee Agreed. I've got the zoom set to 200% and it feels much better. A lot easier to read.
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