Studying biology, programming machines ~ 23y old
🦄 Chip Uni What (if anything) do you listen to while you're programming, or doing work that requires a lot of concentration?
🚲 Koen West Recently I have started to use a particular combination of ambient noises with the app Dark Noise (which I can highly recommend), and I now notice that it really gets me in the zone. I have different noises set up for different tasks.
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Yo Dude ok, starting the first post with a question, why are you here? i came because i saw it on HN..
🚲 Koen West Jep, here through HN as well. Sticking around because of the snappy feel and the absence of image clutter.
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Huw For those who are currently WFH since COVID, how have you found the adjustment?
🚲 Koen West (Not strictly WFH, but also an adjustment) I'm a university student, and I have found online education quite tough. To me, meeting my friends in the lecture halls every day has turned out to contribute a lot to the fun of studying. Now, there is hardly a distinction between course work and free time. In terms of education quality, I don't think the impact is that significant. However, I do _feel_ like it takes me longer to understand/process the same volume of information.
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🚲 Koen West What is your favourite terminal emulator? For me: iTerm on macOS, Alacritty on Linux
🧬 Thomas iTerm FTW for OS X
⚪ Ghostis I'm mostly in screen, so anything that doesn't take over Alt, Crtl, and Esc is fine (Ahem, Apple)
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