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Mark Dain Does anyone here drive (preferably in the UK)? I'm going to an insurance place to see what car insurance is like. I tried to get a quote for a Ford Ranger, most places don't have it as an option, then I found you need to get it as a van? The insurance worked out to be something stupid like PS500 ... a month. Even for smaller/more realistic quotes like a Smart Car it's PS250/month. Going to see what my options are tomorrow
Randoming Have you tried some of the comparison sites like gocompare or moneysavingexpert?
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Mark Dain I guess a good start would be to VPN to another country? I use Private Internet Access; my VPN terminates in Texas. On top of that you'd need clean DNS records, I prefer OpenDNS but Google DNS is also popular. Then, add some icing on the cake; EFF's HTTPS Everywhere plugin forces SSL for sites that have SSL but don't default to it (e.g. Only redirect to SSL for a login but the server supports it for everything). Of course, truly circumventing would rely on us knowing what sort of restrictions they actually want to implement.
Randoming Yeah I use AirVPN myself and their own DNS servers to keep things hidden. The concern I have with the Tories is they'll try do something stupid like try to ban encryption or VPNs down the line.
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🤔 John Happens a lot when it gets to HR for final approval. Generally they enforce total radio silence as HR is weird.
Randoming This! Such a PITA.
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Mark Dain A world leader in regulation? Is that really something to be proud of or aspire to?
Randoming Utterly delusional... Looking forward to figuring out new ways to circumvent the Great Firewall of Britain.
☕ David Antoine Indeed. In that case it's probably better to be a group of people so to spread the investment risk. Small remote tech-hubs would be nice, even to host thematic seminars every week for example... The nearest city is 50 miles away, so if you have a job there it's an option as well, except during the winter maybe. Small curved roads and snow don't go well together...
Randoming Haha I'm currently in Iceland, people here seem to agree with that road sentiment. The thematic seminars is an interesting thought....
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Randoming Ugh.. I really don't know if I can handle another five years of Tory government. Might be time to start making alternative plans...
Mark Dain A world leader in regulation? Is that really something to be proud of or aspire to?
☕ David Antoine That's probably one of those opportunities you get ones in a lifetime...
Randoming That sounds awesome, from the link on the bottom of the page I saw this. I'd love to see a group of people come together to turn cheap, pretty de-populated towns like this into mini remote tech-hubs.
John Olinda I like Manjaro XFCE a lot, or Manjaro i3, depending on what it's being used for.
Randoming Seconding Manjaro, it's a terrific distro!
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Mark Dain I just got surprised with train tickets to Bletchley Park next weekend by the guy I've been dating! So many nice things in one regular sized sentence
Randoming Had a blast there a few months ago. Enjoy!
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Bugabinga At least disable UPNP ;) I plan to play around with OpenBSD on a PINE64. It is clearly even more effort to start learning yet another thing, but (at least looking from the outside) the OpenBSD seems to manage change carefully, so hopefully knowledge is useful longer term. But it also seems to rely on a lot of implicit knowledge, so I`ll see if the hurdle is to big...
Randoming Ah yes, UPNP is immediately disabled(thankfully unchecking a box isn't beyond my laziness :) ). I haven't played with OpenBSD in quite some time, it was pretty neat but couldn't replace my desktop setup, a small little device running all the time makes a lot more sense.
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Bugabinga How much effort do other IT professionals spend on their own home network infrastructure? As a developer, I roughly know what *should* be done, but find it mostly overwhelming in terms of time and effort.
Randoming Yeah developer too. I moved house a few months ago and still haven't configured my very nice DD-WRT enabled router(mostly for network-wide VPN support) with my ISP, just using the crappy one that came with the internet...
Kodo I use emacs with evil mode
Randoming I did use prelude with emacs/evil mode for quite some time(even wrote some plugins) but I just circled back to vim as I use it everywhere else(sysadminy stuff on servers).
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🐞 Lucian Marin I would strongly recommend nano in that case.
☕ David Antoine Didn't know that Windows 10 update was so big on data collecting ! If you want a good implementation of steam on Linux, the Solus distribution seems to do it effectively. The lead dev is very meticulous on his code...
Randoming Looks like they have done some custom work to improve the client, though I think this would need to be dual-booted as it doesn't look like their package manager supports a huge amount of software.
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🐞 Lucian Marin I wondered why Ubuntu GNOME 17.04 is so polished and stable. Now I get my answer. Ubuntu 18.04 LTS will ship with GNOME desktop, not Unity. Finally some good news from my favorite Linux distribution. GNOME is unstoppable. Ubuntu on servers is unstoppable. Both will finally meet in 2018. Sublevel is powered by 16.04 LTS and it will still be powered by Ubuntu in 3 years.
Randoming Awesome, looking forward to the upgrade. Gnome is fairly reliable on 16.10, some polish will be great! The release date is the 13th of April but I usually leave it a few weeks for all the initial issues to sort themselves out before doing an upgrade.
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