Mark Dain Yeah, I use which is quite nice. Example public bookmarks from my account:
Bugabinga Do you use the archiving feature?
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Bugabinga When have you last expressed your thanks to some open source maintainer? I see a lot of demands, disappointment and entitlement on issue trackers. It is a pity that expressions of gratitude are not tracked the same way. My suggestion; hack yourself into giving something back. Automatic donations, recurring reminders or email templates. The key is to automate the deed, even if only partly, so doing The Right Thing becomes easy.
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🤔 John It's a term that's been passed down from Usenet (I think) before internet access was ubiquitous. Summers would be relatively calm with good discussion, but in September all the college students would get access to their school networks and the influx of new users ignorant to the community standards would drive down the quality. When user growth accelerated exponentially, the constant influx of new users overwhelmed the communities that couldn't adapt. For me, Facebook is important as a way to communicate with friends and family back home. Twitter is great if you have a well curated list.
Bugabinga Thank you for explaining that. I wasn't around back then, but I definitely recognize the pattern. The somewhat uncomfortable analogy that comes to mind is immigration and its social challenges.
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Kodo I use steam 100% on linux now and buy every linux game i can get my hands on and admonish publishers for not releasing on linux. Join the fight :P
Bugabinga I did the same. Then I realised the only game I like is StarCraft 2. No sc2 on Linux. FML.
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🤔 John It feels like online social platforms have really become less useful over the last year or two. I guess it's the Eternal September problem, but it feels like more than that. Anyway, I'm going to share more on Sublevel as a way of coping with how terrible my Facebook feed has gotten.
Bugabinga The 'usefulness' of social media has eluded me for years. The signal to noise ratio of Twitter & co always had me tired pretty quickly. What does eternal September mean?
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John Olinda Unfortunately, no. Much more practical things like always being able to find stuff we've hidden from him and spotting every single airplane and loudly informing all of us.
Bugabinga Now that you mention it, my son also realises airplanes are near way before any of us. Also, totally obsessed with automobiles...
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Randoming Looks like they have done some custom work to improve the client, though I think this would need to be dual-booted as it doesn't look like their package manager supports a huge amount of software.
Bugabinga True. The amount is relatively small, but the selection is good. Give it a try and see if you actually miss a package.
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Randoming Yeah developer too. I moved house a few months ago and still haven't configured my very nice DD-WRT enabled router(mostly for network-wide VPN support) with my ISP, just using the crappy one that came with the internet...
Bugabinga At least disable UPNP ;) I plan to play around with OpenBSD on a PINE64. It is clearly even more effort to start learning yet another thing, but (at least looking from the outside) the OpenBSD seems to manage change carefully, so hopefully knowledge is useful longer term. But it also seems to rely on a lot of implicit knowledge, so I`ll see if the hurdle is to big...
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☕ David Antoine Incredible pictures of the brain using a technique called "reflective micro-etching" :
Bugabinga This is beautiful.
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Martijn "The state of image compression" is interesting. You're probably thinking of - released not too long ago by Google.
Bugabinga Yes! This is interesting. In the case of my profile image, size went from 17KB to 5KB.
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🏒 Lucian Marin Profile pictures are JPEGs at 240x240px, 85% quality, progressive with no chroma subsampling. Yes, they are pretty big for simple avatars but they are cached by your browser. Almost 1.75x bigger on average than normal JPEG settings of 75% quality and strong chroma subsampling. I guess quality matters too, not just speed.
Bugabinga The icon is only 40x40px. Is the picture larger for retina? What is the state of image compression nowadays, I heard Google have some new algorithms. Android used to recommend PNGs with agressive compression. Is that applicable here?
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Cdo Lobsters brought me here, hello!
Bugabinga Me too. Don't even have a Lobseters account :)
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👽 Paul Webb writers on sites like Forbes have a bad habit of making things doom and gloom. "Apple is no longer guaranteeing support throughout a full iOS generation. It can in fact be cut off at any time..." Um, duh. Any company can cut off support for anything at any time, just look at Google's software. Notably, the author doesn't mention AFS (Apple File System). It's not designed for 32-bit phones. APS is replacing HFS+. The blatant fear-mongering is annoying and shows off the laziness of said author.
Bugabinga I wonder. Is it laziness, or feeding into the demand...
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John Olinda My youngest son has the most insane combination of vision and hearing.
Bugabinga He sees music? Or hears colors.
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Kodo I have google mesh wifi. It's all controlled by an app and auto configures itself for best performance.
Bugabinga I think that is only available in the United States. Here in Europe, I am not aware of similar offerings and I would probably not be comfortable with it (I presume, without knowing the details about google mesh).
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John Economou So, emacs or vi? Please help me decide
Bugabinga Why does it have to be either or?
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