Good at failing.
John Economou I like this.
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John Economou So, emacs or vi? Please help me decide
Jani Mustonen Vi is decent. Vim is amazing. Emacs is amazing. So, obviously vim.
Mark Dain (g)vi(m) for me. Gvim is just vim but with great mouse support (visual mode) and if you get MacVim, you can use stuff like Cmd+C/V to copy/paste. Regular vim if I'm over SSH.
Kodo Spacemacs. You'll never go back.
Vjraj vim !!
Truebosko I tried Spacemacs once, but vim all the way ;)
Bugabinga Why does it have to be either or?
Anishcharith I prefer vim, but check this out
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Yiorgos Adampoulos Hello, World! First post
John Economou Thank you for bringing sublevel to my attention. Getting tired of twitter noise.
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John Economou It would be nice if I could post updates from all screens.
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🦿 Lucian Marin I considered posting updates from the profile page too, but I liked more the idea of a single place to post an update, single place to reply, etc.
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John Economou hello world!
Kodo HI!
Jani Mustonen World echoes. :)
Observer0 Hello back
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