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My roommate is cooking something that smells DELICIOUS. Heaven help me. I've already eaten well over my calorie budget three days this week, I for sure don't need to be snacking. (Aha! Typing this reminded me that I bought apples for just such an occasion. Thanks, Subreply!)
Any fans of the Dresden Files on here? (Please don't spoil Peace Talks... I'm re-reading the whole series before I get to it, aiming to be done around the time Battle Ground comes out)
I like those books! Your post just minded me that the new one is out. It's been a while! I know what I'll be reading this weekend though.
Anybody else here love driving? I find it pleasant and relaxing, even in DFW.
I love country driving with winding roads and hills. I had the commute from hell from Richardson TX, to Grand Praire TX back in the 90s. Oh I-35 Mixmaster where I-35 North South splits on I-35W North South and I-35E North South south of DALLAS. Few places are more unfriendly to the driver in the US, NJ Turnpike comes to mind, right by Liberty Airport.
Faced a fear today: I went to the gym for the first time since March. It wasn't as bad as I expected. Working out with a mask isn't great, but it's not awful. I was wearing a disposable one...I don't think I would have made it in a re-usable one.
Well, congratulations. And as for the mask exercise thing, you can look at it as putting an extra effort. If you can exert yourself with a mask on, imagine how much more stamina you'll have when you're without one!
I'd recommend body weight exercises at home. Cheaper and no need to mask up.
If you're in a hot state I would highly recommend staying home. Gyms are some of the most dangerous places in terms of spreading respiratory illnesses because physical activity leads to elevated heart rate, which leads to more respiration. Masks (especially cloth ones) can only help so much.
I went running in a mask a couple of days back. It's training in 1.2x setting (Feels like Goku). But I've not run since March, so it could be that too. None the less, I'm slowly getting used to living with a mask.
Zettelkasten and Bullet Journals are my two favorite productivity tools. A++ highly recommended.
What's your experience with Zettelkasten? I read about it on HN but haven't taken any time to test it out
for note taking, I would recommend - its a local-first roam like open source markdown note taking app built on top of vscode (disclaimer: author here). we just launched our preview a week ago and are making updates on a daily basis
But how do I migrate all my notes usefully? What if something else comes up in a few months and I want to switch again? Really liking right now, but not feeling good about using something thats not super low tech
Feeling a little sad. Trying to get my roommate's dog to snuggle with me, but she keeps getting distracted. =\
Another free research topic: has anybody tracked the thermal transfer in metal water bottles as they're being filled with cold water? It feels to my hand like there's a warmer edge right before the cold water line reaches where I'm holding it, but I don't know if that's my senses fooling me or if the temperature does actually change
Not a physicist but heat will always go from warm to cold by transferring vibrational energy of the molecules or an atomic structure and its electrons. Actually, heat passes from the bottle (getting cold) to the water (getting warm). And it is gradual, with no heat spike or warmer edge of some sort. It will continue up to equalization, from the air, to the bottle, to the water. That is a simple case and explanation. I guess the subject is much more complicated in details. :)
Free research topic if anybody wants one: why does water with dissolved baking soda taste fishy after a couple days, but not immediately after the bicarb is added?
Well, this is fun. Five years ago, I thought it was boring to be in a social network where nobody followed me. Now it seems kinda, I dunno, refreshing.